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Jul 18

How to Save WWE Supercard

If WWE Supercard were to announce the game had reached the end of its life, I don’t think I’d be too traumatised. Despite putting in countless of hours of gameplay since its launch back in 2014 – People’s Champion Challenge anyone? – and it being probably my most played game across all devices and consoles …

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Jan 24

WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions

30-Man Royal Rumble Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title Neil Says: I’m going to go crazy here and suggest that Roman Reigns gets eliminated early on and Bray Wyatt ends up winning. Debora Says: Jericho. Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Intercontinental Title – Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose Neil Says: Kevin Owens …

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Sep 20

WWE Night of Champions 2015 Predictions

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Sting vs. Seth Rollins Neil Says: I have a funny feeling that Sting is going to do this. But then lose it straight away to Sheamus. Ugh. Debora Says: Surely they won’t let Sting have a title as he’s never there, so lets go for Rollins. WWE United States Title …

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Aug 25

RAW Recap (August 24th 2015)

The night after SummerSlam and WWE have certainly stacked their card full of surprises. After a somewhat disappointing pay-per-view full of screwy finishes and botched spots, it seems WWE kept all the excitement for Monday Night Raw, when the company really needed it most. Firstly Brock Lesnar comes out and issues a challenge for the …

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Aug 23

WWE SummerSlam 2015 Predictions

Winner Takes All Match: WWE United States Champion John Cena vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins Neil Says: I’m curious to see how this one plays out, I mean it’s not ideal for either competitor to be both champions. I really want to say Cena will win this, but seeing as he’s just had …

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Aug 10

Recap: WWE Total Divas (S04E03 – Tea Mode)

Total Divas: S04E05 – Tea Mode This week the Total Divas are in the UK as the WWE goes on it’s European tour. The girls are split into two groups, Rosa, Emma, Nattie and Alicia in one group, The Bellas, Naomi and Paige in another. They all want hijinx on the road and Brie promises …

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Aug 09

Happy Y2J Day!

Sixteen years ago Chris Jericho debuted in World Wrestling (Federation) Entertainment. That ‘Countdown To The Millennium’ clock finally hit 0 and the walls were broken down. It was a probably the last time in professional wrestling that I was surprised and shocked. I had no idea what this clock was counting down to, I wasn’t …

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Jun 29

Initial Thoughts on WWE Tough Enough

Not that I am in any way bitter about not being selected for the return of WWE’s Tough Enough, the reality show where wannabe wrestlers perform a series of tasks week by week to earn a contract for the company, but I wasn’t blown away by its return. In order to make the show modern …

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May 31

WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins Neil Says: I would love for Dean Ambrose to win here but Rollins will retain. Although having said that this is a PPV on the WWE Network, thus they may want people to think they’re missing something big if they don’t subscribe, so perhaps there …

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Apr 26

WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Predictions

Steel Cage Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title: Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins Neil Says: Rollins will do something to win this one. He deserves the title for longer than a month run. Debora Says: Orton Russian Chain Match for the WWE United States Title: Rusev vs. John Cena Neil Says: Rusev hasn’t been …

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