New York – Day Two - archived

It’s been raining all day, undoubtedly we’ll have a cold at some point, but we didn’t let it stop our plans. Although it did stop our plans.

First thing we took the PATH train over into New Jersey where we visited Hoboken and Carlo’s Bakery, as seen in TV’s Cake Boss. There was no Buddy or family around but lots of tasty treats on display. We had a croissant for breakfast followed by a cannoli, we saved a brownie and a black and white cookie (or should that be a cake) for later. After taking some pictures from the NJ side of the Hudson, we made our way back towards New York on a much busier train that usual, the rain still coming down.

We were planning on heading up the Empire State Building, but visibility was ridiculously poor due to the weather.


Instead we had a shop around Macy’s and picked up our NYC Christmas tree decoration before we started the long walk down towards Battery Park. By the time we got there, stopping by the Flatiron building and the New York Stock Exchange, we were tired and decided we’d certainly be getting the subway back uptown.

Some fellow tried to sell us a Liberty Island ticket and when we refused he told us we had a two hour wait to look forward to. He was very wrong, we walked straight onto the ferry and were on Liberty Island. The water was awfully choppy, especially on the return journey that could have given some of the rollercoasters in Florida for a ride.

After a quick stop at the Financial District bull, where people were taking pictures at both ends of it, we jumped on the train up to the Brooklyn bridge and the courthouse. Once again there were no celebrity sightings, maybe because Law and Order hasn’t been on the air for a while. Back on the train towards the hotel where we had a quick rest up before headed back out into the rain for supper. We had plans to visit the number one vegetarian burger joint but couldn’t find it so settled for a pizza. We thought we’d share one between us, it was massive. We had to box it up and take it back with us. Early night tonight after all that walking, to be ready for tomorrow’s adventure.


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