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Following five couples who are expecting babies cross paths on their journey to change their lives forever. We have the television celebrity (Cameron Diaz) who falls pregnant with her TV dance partner (Matthew Morrison), fast food van owners (Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford), thinking-herself-barren-until-one-drunken-rumble Wendy (Elizabeth Banks) who gets pregnant at the same time as her father-in-law’s young wife Skyler (Brooklyn Decker) and looking to adopt parents Holly (Jennifer Lopez) and Alex (Rodrigo Santoro).

It’s a rather packed cast but none of them really are able to take control in the plot. The film suffers from too many cooks, with the story jumping between all the characters and despite its best efforts to intertwine each strand, it fails to produce any substance.

The heart-breaking plot involving Kendrick and Crawford happens all too quickly and thus loses all emotion. The difficult relationship between Lopez and Santoro as they try to adopt is almost glazed over. Santoro visits a “Dad’s Support Group” led by Chris Rock who dish out advice on being a parent, none of which is particularly thoughtful or entertaining.

And so we are at the films main crux, it doesn’t deliver anything in way of substance. Based on support books for pregnant women, the film doesn’t offer much – if anything – in way of advice on how to deal with pregnancy, nor does it bring light entertainment to the movie theatre. For it tries to be a romantic comedy/drama and it really does fail at every attempt.

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