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Episode 511 – “Home Is The Place”
Bree gets to meet the mother of her soon to be son-in-law and instantly takes a dislike to her. They argue about what holidays each of them will get and this spills over to the formal dinner Andrew has asked Bree to host when Melina says the local doctors in her hometown, five hours away, wants Adam as the head of practice. When Adam and Andrew consider leaving Fairview Bree says she has brought them a house over the road, as a wedding present, just to keep them near.

Gabby bumps into an old acquaintance whilst out shopping and they get talking. It comes up that Carlos has got his sight back and the man offers him a six figured salaried job. Gabby accepts it on behalf of Carlos but when she tells him he isn’t happy, he’s already accepted a job helping the blind. Gabby has the man and his wife over for dinner to try and persuade Carlos to do it but he still refuses. Gabby then practically begs him to take it saying how they looked after him for five years, it was now time for him to look after her again so Carlos caves to the guilt and takes it.

Lynette and Tom are having a meeting with their lawyer but ‘Porter’ now won’t give any details about his story. Penny then drops the ball and calls ‘Porter’ Preston which angers the lawyer. He says if they don’t show up with Porter in two days he is going to have to tell the judge which will put Porter in prison. But Porter is too scared to return after he was threatened by Warren Shilling. Lynette proves a point to Preston that she will do anything to protect her babies, even killing, which gets Preston to call Porter to try and encourage him home. But he’s shacked up with Lynette’s mother who hangs up the phone when he considers returning home.

Susan is lonely with Jackson away so she tags along with Lee as he visits a gay club. The two get drunk and bitch about each others partners. Susan gets a call from Jackson who says he wants her to move with him to a place where he’s been offered a job. The next day Susan wakes up with Lee in her bed, she is shocked. Downstairs she finds two empty bottles of wine and smooth jazz playing on the CD player. She’s afraid she may have been unfaithful to Jackson. She confronts Lee about this the next day but he assures her he is gay and nothing happened. He also convinces her that she’s not in love with Jackson and so moving away with him would be a bad move.

Edie wakes up one night to find Dave downstairs talking to himself. She demands an answer from him and he tells her that he was married before her and his wife died. Edie can’t believe it and kicks him out of the house. Mrs. McClusky and Roberta return from their trip to Dave’s doctor with no new information and Roberta is giving up.

It’s been a long break for the housewives but they’ve still got it.. Before writing this I was trying to think if everyone made an appearance and whilst Katherine and Mike were absent the rest of the cast were there, but somehow I didn’t feel like there was too much going on, which was good. I’m hoping Porter sees sense and the Scavos don’t face having to lose their restaurant, but how Bree can afford two houses on Wisteria Lane is beyond me…but then I suppose Edie and Dave own two as well. Good show that hasn’t yet dropped the ball.

Y2Rating: 8/10

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