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Well he finally has his wish, after shoving cheese in the BBC’s Chief Commissioning Editor, Alan Partridge returned to television last night and not in digital TV military-based quiz show Skirmish either. No, Alan presented us “The Places of My Life”, a historical trip around Norwich that followed a similar vein to the bonus content on the old Knowing Me, Knowing Yule VHS where he went for a Christmas ramble and a trip around Norwich where a branch of Currys stayed open after hours so he could do his shopping.

It’s the older Alan Partridge we see he, one who has all the lessons of life drawn on his face, one would say a wiser Alan, but that’s not actually the case. He’s still saying the wrong things and focusing on the wrong facts and as arrogant as ever, shown when he berates a now geriatric former teacher and female cyclist. But is it still as funny?

Having grown up with Alan Partridge and getting to see him live in person, I always was going to be looking forward to seeing new Partridge on my television, however this special episode felt disappointing. There were moments of hilarity but that was rammed in against some otherwise repeated humour that everyone expects from O.A.P (Old Alan Partridge). I guess it goes with the old formula “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but where Alan has been at his best in the past is when he is riffing with someone else, not direct with the camera/audience. This was proved, as some of the funniest scenes came with Alan interacting with the hydro-therapist (water doctor) and the Landrover sales man.

There are two more one off special episodes planned to air on Sky Atlantic, one of these is Alan talking about his recent autobiography with someone so I hope that will prove me right in saying he is best with someone else on screen. The third is looking at his time on North Norfolk Digital which could be more of the Fosters stuff or more of the I’m Alan Partridge opening and closing scenes. Either way, I shall continue to watch as O.A.P is still a living legend in my eyes.

Archived: Alan Partridge Returns To TV - archived
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