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Episode 411 – “Live and Let Fry”
Stan lives by the laws laid down for him, but when a new law banning tans-fats is passed Stan starts getting withdrawal symptoms. He drives to the neighbouring town and smuggles trans-fats in to feed his desire and even ropes Steve into the game too. Although with federal detectives patrolling the border Steve panics and eats his supply. This puts him into a coma and when he comes to it’s six weeks later.

Meanwhile Claus receives a letter saying his great Aunt has passed away and he needs to go and sign a piece of paper in order to receive the inheritance. He enlists Roger to act as his double and sends him off although it was all a rouse to bring Claus out of hiding and Roger is brutally beaten. Claus realises the people he owed money to for gambling losses would probably be looking for him.

Not a lot really happened in this episode, certainly nothing hilarious, no real story either. Shame. It’s been a while since we’ve last seen American Dad and it hasn’t matured over time.

Y2Rating: 5/10

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