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So you all raged against the machine and screwed the X-Factor out of the number one spot this year. Well done.

I’m pleased, although it did feed thousands of pounds into Sony still. Don’t give me that Shelter crap. Yes Rage might be donating the money THEY made but when iTunes only gives the artist 15% of the money it makes on the track purchased (the rest going to various corporations) the money that goes to charity is nothing in comparison to whatever is going to the record labels.

The dramatic irony of this whole situation is that you did what they told you. Even though the whole mantra was “f**k you I’m not gonna do what you tell me”. So the only way you really could have screwed over the entire music industry would have been by supporting independent bands like Wheatus, Amberlove, Army of Freshmen, Bowling For Soup, The Ventura Project, MC Lars, K.Flay etc, etc. Maybe next year huh?

I was looking over some old posts today and stumbled upon this:
Hallelujah Thrice In Top 40
Last year the same thing was attempted, and failed. But then what sort of kid wants to download a song with no swearing in?

This also bodes the question as to what’s going to happen next year? Will Simon Cowell continue to release the X-Factor single for Christmas number one knowing that another campaign like this might jump up or does he create a new special day all for himself? Regardless of this whole shambles Joe McEllery will still get to number one, probably next week now no bugger is going to buy RATM to keep it in the charts…I wonder how far it’ll fall?

What makes me sick about this whole situation is that Cheryl Cole still has two songs in the top twenty. What’s up with that? The only thing this whole campaign proved was you can buy your way to the top. The charts are still full of drivel, music today is terrible, people need to stop listening to the radio and “doing what they’re told” by DJs who are controlled by the industry. Explore real music, see bands live, support the support acts, the local bands who do things for the love of the music and not for how much money they can make doing it.

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