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It really is. I’m not really someone who is out to bad mouth other people but I feel a certain need to vent frustrations. For the past four months I have been trying to transfer my domain name ( from Lycos over to Dreamhost. Not a hard task by any means. It entails being sent a transfer out code from your current registar and then you give that to your new one who then take the domain. The whole process is supposed to take about seven to ten working days.

Not this transfer. Lycos supplied me with several dodgy transfer out codes that were instantly rejected by Dreamhost. I contacted Lycos over and over again asking them to sort this problem and each time they either gave me another dodgy transfer code that failed and then blamed me for inputting it wrong or they told me my query was on the “critical” list and that it’d be dealt with as soon as possible. I was helpless during this entire process.

But today, after four months of arguing and failures I have finally liberated Y2Neil from the evil clutches of Lycos and am free to bathe in the glowing light of Dreamhost. What’s the big deal? Surely all hosts are the same? You’re wrong. Dreamhost offer me so much more, have been so friendly, answering my emails almost immediatly and the features they are giving me are incredible. Look out for these on the site as time goes on, finally I’ll have full control over my shop!

Talking of being free from the Dark Side, things have gone a bit Skywalker lately with me. I’m currently in a Star Wars mood and it’s all thanks to The Force Unleashed being released on all major next-gen platforms today. I’m looking forward to using the dark side of the force to crush some Stormtroopers into X-Wings. C’mon!

It’s also a bit Star Wars heavy because last Sunday I watched that “Bring Back Star Wars” with the wannabe wookie Justin Lee Collins. I’m sure you all saw it, basically they have ten days to reunite members of certain franchises, in this case Star Wars, and bring them together in a formal party held in London.

One of the problems I had with this was that it was so obviously staged. For example, they had ten days in which to do this, they spent days one to three in LA, day four in London and Bristol, day five in New York. Now you’re telling me they made those sorts of flights? No way. Secondly, when getting hold of Warwick Davies they at first couldn’t go near his house because of all the security camera and he had been tipped off, so they jump over his neighbours wall and then just walk in through his back door and then have a naked interview in the jacuzzi.

They didn’t really do very well in getting everyone there, probably didn’t help they held it in London which would have meant the bigger names flying over but they didn’t even really try with Harrison Ford and Mark Hamil wanted $50,000 to do an interview. For a guy who says he wants nothing to do with Star Wars he sure as hell will make as much money as he can from it.

Another thing I’ve learnt is that the prequel trilogy is to be re-released with some shiny new packaging in time for Christmas. This is essentially the same three discs, just all put together for the first time. Who buys this? I’m a fan of Star Wars but c’mon, this is just silly.

I’ll get back to movie news after the weekend, I’ve got a busy one lined up, full of cramming, rocking and designing. I’ll be back next week with information on how I got on and with whatever is new in the world. Until then, keep it real.

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