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Episode 515 – “In A World Where The Kings Are Employers”
It’s Susan’s first day at her new job but MJ is sick. She goes to leave him with Mike but he has to go on a plumbing job. Susan argues and Mike gives in to missing work to look after his son, but when Susan returns home she finds MJ is with Katherine. This happens a couple more times and MJ is really enjoying spending time with Katherine which upsets Susan. She tells Katherine that from now on MJ will either be with Susan or at Mike’s, he’s not going to be coming to Katherine’s anymore. Katherine reveals that sadly, that’s not true. Mike is moving in with her so MJ will be seeing a lot more of her.

Gabby is disappointed to learn that Carlos won’t be getting the bonus this year, no one in the company will be. When Gabby tells her jeweller that she can no longer afford the bracelet she wanted she spots Carlos’ boss outside with another woman. She uses this to blackmail him into giving Carlos a hefty bonus. Later his boss and wife come to visit to share the news that they’re pregnant and they want Carlos and Gabby as the Godparents. They accept but struggle to keep the truth from spilling out.

Lynette wants Tom to sell Scavos as it’s not making any money. I’m not surprised when they have six staff on when there are no customers! Tom fires the staff and hires his family to help out which causes some rifts. Tom lets out his anger on one of his children and realises that this is no longer working. He resigns himself to the fact he has to sell which pleases Lynette.

Bree and Orson have a disagreement when Orson learns Bree gave Andrew a “cost of living increase”. Orson finds out Andrew is earning nearly double what he’s on and he can’t believe it. Bree tells Orson that he’s not a caterer and only been in the business a while unlike Andrew and Orson takes it personally. He steals one of Andrews expensive pens and it looks like this isn’t over yet.

Edie wants to go away to an expensive spa this weekend but Dave has made plans with Mike to go camping. Mike is bringing along Katherine and Dave asks Edie not to tell her she isn’t going. She agrees. Dave has kept Doctor Heller’s briefcase full of pills and his phone which keeps ringing. He sends messages to the office and says that he’ll be back by the fifteenth. Dave starts to pack for his camping trip, taking a gun with him.

Again, I just can’t get enough of Dave. I look forward to seeing how this is going to end. Did they not identify the body of Doctor Heller after the fire? I don’t recall Dave pulling his teeth out. I like Dave. It’s also worth noting that the actress who plays Edie is leaving the show…could she get caught in the crossfire? Could she die from depression? Will she just leave Wisteria Lane? Either way, I’m still excited about this show.

Y2Rating: 8/10

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