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Last night I watched the penultimate episode of Lost, the series finale airing this weekend. I’m incredibly excited by it all, so much so I found myself dreaming about it last night. I don’t remember the dream that well other than I had solved the riddles to Lost and it all suddenly made sense. Something to do with Jack’s son turning up on the island and sort of making everything come together.

But in trying to remember it I’ve had another idea about what the alternative timeline is. In last nights episode Jacob told Sawyer, Hurley, Kate and Jack that he chose them because they came from a world where they had nothing going for them. Jack was an alcoholic, Kate was a wanted criminal, Sawyer was a conman and Hurley was cursed. Yet in the alternative timeline they have everything, Sawyer is a cop, Jack isn’t a drunk and has a son, Hurley is rich and helping others and Kate is innocent…

“One is light, one is dark” – spoken by John Locke in the pilot right? The clue to everything? Every person has a good and bad side, Hurleys bad side is he’s cursed, his good side he helps everyone. Sawyer, conman v cop. Jacob was all that is good, his brother has become all that is bad. Jacob needs a replacement to look after the island and he has taken some people who are at their worst and trying to make them see their good.

How this will culminate I don’t know. Jack has realised he had nothing back in his old life and that he was on the island for a reason. He has found his redemption, now how will the two timelines come together? Desmond is the key. “We’re going to a concert” – they’re off to see CHARLIE!!!

It’s ridiculous that there are only two and a half hours of this show left and we’re still none the wiser as to ninety percent of it’s mysteries. Why the devil were Dharma there anyway? Wasn’t the Widmore thing a bit of an anti-climax? Anyway, Desmond/Charlie will make me happy. Bring on Sunday.

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