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Episode 203 – “Tough Brets”
At a gig in a library Bret raps about other rappers and in the bad meeting later Murray discusses the dissing. He says it will hurt other rappers feelings and they break into one of the better songs so far this season. This is later reprised. Worried that other rappers are going to come get him Bret advertises for a gang and gets Dave, an old man and the Chinese couple that run the internet café. Jermaine comes home and is attacked. Mel has painted Jermaine a picture but he doesn’t like it so throws it out. But Mel finds it and adds Bret to it.

Meanwhile Murray is bullied by some members of the Australian consulate and invited to a party. He takes Jermaine with him but again they are bullied so Murray goes to the head of the Australian consulate (Alan Dale – he’s in bloody everything) and is laughed at. Later there is another song that takes the form of West Side Story and is more of a dance than a song.

Bret’s gang leave him and Murray and Jermaine offer to be a part of it, but Jermaine refuses and Bret leaves meaning Murray is the only member.

Not as funny as last week, good to see Alan Dale pop up but still a number of laughs to be had. I like it when they stick to the core cast, this one relied on a lot of outside players which doesn’t always work.

Y2Rating: 6/10

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