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Episode 205 – “Unnatural Love”
Murray wants the Conchords to go night clubbing but Bret and Jermaine are hesitant. Murray acts all Dad-like and forces them into the club, thankfully Dave is there to help them. Inside they crowd around Dave who starts them singing when he mentions there are “too many dicks on the dancefloor”. Great song.

The next day Jermaine wakes up with in an Australian girls bedroom, her name is Keitha. He calls Bret on his camera-phone who tells him to jump out the window, he can’t as she is now awake and talking to him. Jermaine goes to a sexual health clinic and both Murray and Bret talk about shunning him. Jermaine keeps seeing Keitha and together the two of them plan to elope. Only it was all a rouse so Keitha could rob the Conchords.

Fantastic episode with two great songs. So fun to hear each nation mock each other and their accents. I hope this is how they plan to continue things.

Y2Rating: 8/10

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