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Episode 206 – “Same Girl”
When running in the park Bret and Jermaine meet a girl with a lazy eye who has lost her dog. The Conchords agree to help her find him, his name is Charlie and he has epilepsy. They break into song, both having fallen in love with the same girl.

Bret and Jermaine fight to spend as much time with the girl as they can, arguing that they each don’t even know her name, Bret thinks its Bruhbruh and Jermaine Barbara. At a band meeting they announce they’re both writing new songs which excites Murray. He asks what happened to Jermaine’s sailing song he was working on a year ago. Both the new songs are about epileptic dogs and Murray thinks they should only have one. The Conchords record their track but end up fighting during the process.

They throw a benefit for dogs with epilepsy and perform they’re new song, they end with a remix full of flashing lights which sends the dogs into fits and die. Afterwards the woman speaks to them, announcing what a tragedy it was and Murray asks her to choose between the Conchords as they both fancy her. She is shocked, she thought they were both gay. She then decides that she likes Bret more so goes off with him. She says because he knows her name, it’s Bruhbruh. She then tells Bret Charlie has been dead for six years as she calls out his name.

Couple of good tracks here even if the episode mirrors one from the first season a bit closely. Murray was held back at bit but had some of the funnier lines this episode like in the recording studio wondering where the piano was coming from and wanting to know who was Pro and Anti aids. Jermaine never gets the girl does he…

Y2Rating: 7/10

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