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So far its been a pretty crazy summer for the footballing world. Christano Ronaldo has secured his “dream” move to Real Madrid for £80 million. Eighty MILLION pounds. Michael Owen has signed on for Manchester United. Wait, what? Gareth Barry signed for Man City who are rumoured to be offering John Terry £300,000 PER WEEK and Samuel E’to £250,000 PER WEEK.

The government thinks we’re in a CREDIT CRUNCH, a depression, yet millions upon millions of pounds are being spent in football. Yet my club, Arsenal, remain adamant that their youth policy will see them win trophies.

I’m hoping Wenger will open his chequebook to at least one big name summer signing, he needs to just so he can keep the faith with the Arsenal fans because if he doesn’t, big spending clubs may be able to walk all over the Gunners next season.

However I have to questionwhat goes through a footballers mind. Sure the money they are about to be paid is a great incentive for any player however why do people want to go to Real Madrid? They are rubbish in Europe, were kicked out early in the Champions League in an embarrasing defeat to Liverpool. Why do people want to go to AC Milan? No Italian club has been in the Champions League final for an age. In fact looking at the Champions League English teams have dominated for years now, why don’t people want to come to England to play?

Since Liverpool lost a chunk of their money Rafa Benitez seems to have changed his tune.

“The market is now crazy. It is all money, money, money now,” he said.

“We had to pay big money. But we were signing a good player, an England player (Glen Johnson), and that is very positive.”

I’m sure if Rafa had the cash he’d be spending it.

I’m not 100% sure where I’m going with this other than the ridiculous amounts of money being splashed about and how I’m worried if my team doesn’t spend we may be washed out of the Premier League. The old adage “you’ve got to spend money to make money” may come into play. If Arsenal want Champions League football next season they have to spend to play with the big boys.

Having said that, I don’t worry about clubs like Man City who are spending so much trying to lure big names to the club, as I reckon there are going to be too many personalities in the club for any of them to be successful. That way, perhaps next season all the players will be available to other clubs at a discount.

Finally. HAHA! Newcastle are relegated and have to play in a shocking yellow strip next season. Bwhahaha!

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