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I’m sorry I’ve not mentioned much about Heroes these past few weeks, I think I’ve missed three all told. But nevermind, these can be summed up in one easy post.

Heroes has failed once again.

Firstly Hiro went back in time to save Charley, he succeeded and they were about to embark on a life of happiness together when Samuel showed up and kidnapped her so he could use Hiro to go back eight weeks and stop Mohinder from destroying a video reel of Samuels birth in Coyote Sands.

When Hiro gets the film he also saves Mohinder who refuses to remain hidden for eight weeks so Hiro takes him to a mental institution where he is locked away. Samuel still doesn’t give Hiro Charley, just yet.

Matt fears for his sanity now Sylar has taken over his mind. The two battle to see who is stronger mentally to control Matt’s body. This has been a great storyline, really exploring addiction and the power of the mind. This culminated in a fantastic scene where Matt held Sylar hostage and made him write that he was going to kill everyone in the cafe on a napkin. When Sylar walks out, unknowing what he wrote he is confronted by police. Matt then makes it look like he’s going for a gun and the police take him down in a hail of bullets. Killing Matt but also Sylar. I thought this was amazing.

The “real” Sylar morphs back into Nathan who then escapes to find Peter. The Haitian gives Peter a clue and he and Nathan go to a storage locker where Nathan’s real body is being kept. They are confused and go to find Matt who is in critical condition in a hospital. Just totally shitting all over the brilliance of the Matt/Sylar story. Peter brings Matt back to life and there is a show down, Matt touches Nathan/Sylar and the Sylar in Matt’s head vanishes. Nathan and Peter escape and wonder what the hell has happened.

Tracey wants ot join the carnival but having trouble controlling her power. Claire helps her. Gretchen leaves college after being attacked and Claire is sad.

Samuel learns that Mohinder knows about his real ability, how if he can get enough people around him with powers he can become almighty.

That’s pretty much it and a real shame. Heroes got the lowest viewing rate ever recently, lower than shows that have already been cancelled, could this be the end for the show?

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