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Episode 316 – “Building 26”
Sylar is still on the road with Luke, they are still in search of Sylars father and Luke is getting excited by the road trip. Sylar scares him a little and at a diner Luke gives up the address that Sylar needs. Agents appear and hold Sylar at gunpoint, Luke distracts them and Sylar escapes. Luke is shot and captured. Sylar drives off but later comes back and kills all the agents, recues Luke and takes a briefcase with him.

Nathan is running operations from Building 26 with The Hunter. Homeland Security pay Nathan a visit and when the bureaucrat Abi sees Tracey Strauss kept locked up she says she is shutting the whole operation down. Later Tracey manages to escape and Abi witnesses first hand Tracey kill one of the agents. Tracey is caught again and Abi agrees to keep funding the project. The Hunter had set Tracey free in order for her to kill so they wouldn’t be shut down.

Hiro and Ando are in India, Hiro believes they have to stop a wedding in order for Hiro to get his powers back. Ando steps in and stops the wedding but is kidnapped by the angry groom. Hiro saves him and stops the wedding a second time and he and Ando are friends again. Hiro learns that he doesn’t have to have powers to be a hero. The bride realises why she knows Hiro and Ando’s names when she brings a fax to them. It’s from the Rebel and says they must save Matt Parkman.

Claire gets another text message from the Rebel who tells her to save Alex from Sam’s Comics. She does and finds its her father that is hunting the innocent down. She tells her mother the truth about her trip to New York and what Noah is doing and Noah is kicked out of the house. At a bar he drinks but falls unconscious, Matt Parkman, Peter and Mohinder take Noah away.

Terrible, terrible episode. So slow, so boring. We know Noah is doing this to save his family, it’s what he has been doing the past two seasons. The Hiro story was rubbish and the acting from the Indian bride appalling. Seriously, Heroes needs to have a long, hard look at itself. The story sounds promising but it’s being executed terribly.

Y2Rating: 3/10

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