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Episode 406 – ‘Tabula Rasa’
Hiro turns up at Peter’s and collapses so Peter takes him to the hospital. Hiro explains that he is on a mission to help people and that he is going to help Peter who disagrees believing he is to help Hiro. Then Hiro meets Emma who wants her power gone. Peter takes Hiro’s power and goes to visit Noah who tells him of a boy who used to be able to heal people by touching them. They shoot off in search of him.

Hiro tries to help Emma come to terms with her power and involves her in a magic trick and shows her how beautiful her gift can be. They get talking and Hiro remembers the one person he truly loved didn’t make his list, Charlie, the waitress. Peter and Noah arrive at the teenagers house to find his parents dead and the kid with a shotgun. Apparently he no longer heals, everything he touches kills. Noah tries to reason with him and Peter uses the ability to appear next to him and try to stop time, but he is too late. He gets a shotgun blast through the chest. Looking awesome by the way.

Noah convinces the kid that he can heal and he does, saving Peter. Noah stays with him whilst Peter goes back to the hospital and Hiro but Hiro has vanished leaving behind only a note that reads “save Charlie”. We then see Hiro three years earlier at the diner where Charlie works.

Meanwhile Samuel tries to find the real Sylar lying deep within Gabriel but he keeps having memories of being Nathan. Sam tries to bring the real memories back by showing Sylar his real past in a hall of mirrors but he still can’t bring that to be true. So Samuel invites the police officer looking for Sylar to the carnival and tells Sylar that he is in the grounds. They confront each other, they have an argument and Sylar uses his lightning on him but doesn’t kill him. Then the speedy brother comes in and cuts the policeman up.

Sylar is initiated into the family and starts flirting with the tattooed woman much to the speedy knife cutters dismay.

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