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Episode 407 – Strange Attractors
Claire and Gretchen try to talk to each other about their kiss when masked assailants burst into their room. Claire fights them off but it is revealed to be some members of the sisterhood preparing them for their initiation. Claire and Gretchen allow themselves to be bagged and tagged and thrown in the back of a car boot. Here they again try to talk about what happened and Claire says she is so close to having a normal life she doesn’t know if she wants to change that right now.

Along with two other members of the alumni, Claire and Gretchen are taken to a slaughterhouse where they are forced to play games for clues. When the four of them split up Claire saves Gretchen from a narrow escape and comes to the conclusion that someone is trying to hurt them. When they move onto another room Gretchen accepts that it was unfair of her to put Claire on the spot like that and apologises, Claire says she has nothing to be sorry for when Gretchen is attacked and choked by an invisible assailant.

Claire fights off an invisible foe but is then impaled against the wall, she managed to slash at her attacker, cutting her and making her show herself. Both Claire and Gretchen as well as the two other girls see it is the leader of the fraternity and no one knows what to do. Claire is removed from the wall and heals in front of the new faces.

Noah tries to get the young kid Jeremy out of prison but apparently he has a bad rap sheet and a book of poetry about murder and killing animals for fun. Noah asks Tracey to come down and pretend to be Jeremy’s aunt so he can be released. When she arrives she is met by Samuel Sullivan who whisks her off to the carnival and tells her she and Jeremy should go to him.

Noah’s plan works and the police agree to release Jeremy, Noah has set up a new life for him in Washington but Tracey thinks that he might be better off at the carnival. As they leave the station a mob has formed outside, one tries to attack Jeremy but he grabs him and kills him. Jeremy walks back into the station. Later an officer and a citizen take Jeremy out of his cell and tie him to the back of a pickup truck. The officer tells Jeremy he can have a free swing at him but Jeremy puts his arms to his sides as the truck drives off. Later Noah and Tracey find Jeremy’s dead body in the road.

Upset Tracey tells Noah to never call her again, she doesn’t want to hide anymore, she wants to belong, Noah tells her that after this incident it probably won’t happen. The next day or so Samuel Sullivan returns to the town. He spots the two men who killed Jeremy enter the police station and he brings that station down to the ground, turns and walks away.

Matt is still struggling with Sylar in his head who can now take control of Matt’s body! Matt tells Janice it is not safe for her anymore and so she leaves as Matt tries to take on Sylar. He finds that by drinking alcohol Sylar seems to weaken so Matt drinks more and more until Sylar vanishes and Matt passes out. When he wakes up he finds Janice and his AA sponsor there trying to help him.

Matt says he’d feel better after a shower and leaves but it turns out he is now actually Sylar! Sylar has taken over Matt’s mind and forced Matt now to be the one hidden in the back of his own head. Janice spots Matt talking to himself and laughing and appears worried.

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