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NBC announced it’s Fall line up this week and in the wake of the news that Heroes has officially been cancelled, there are now rumblings of a possible movie to finish off the seasons.

Encouraging news (somewhat) for disappointed fans of the canceled Law & Order and Heroes: NBC will talk to the creators about producing either a two-hour movie or some kind of event to give the shows closure next season (unfortunately, there are no air dates yet).

Does Heroes need a big finale? Probably not, the last season ended with Claire showing the world that there are people with abilities, it’s in the open now and they did do that season where this was already public knowledge only to erase it all with some time travel. I think that it ended perfectly fine and the only reason they’d make a movie is to make some money, but it’ll just be like every other darn episode and most likely feature Peter vs Sylar Round Six Billion. Boring.

Hollywood Insider has all the details of the Fall lineup.

Source: Hollywood Insider

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