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Just when things were going so well…the third episode of Heroes is treading dangerously on the line between good and bad. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun, there were good bits, but it’s also dangerously close to falling over.

This episode focused mainly on Noah Bennett and his role within the Company. The sector 5 villains have escaped and decide to rob a bank, Peter is still in the mind of Jesse and the other loons are getting a bit edgy with him. After they come away with the money it seems one of the villains set them up and he isn’t interested in money at all, he just wants his revenge on Noah Bennett. ‘The German’ wants the money and goes to leave only to have a fist put through his chest.

Mama Petrelli gives Noah a new partner, her son Sylar. She thinks he’s misunderstood and can tame his killer instinct ways and help capture the villains, he needs to be strong for whatÂ’s to come. Noah tells Sylar not to get involved in the bank heist and that he’d handle everything. Just as Peter as Jesse is discovering his power, Future Peter shows up and takes him out of his body and into the future to show him what is going to happen unless he stops it. We don’t see this, presumably we will in episode 4.

Just as the bank heist is about to go out of control and Noah is to kick the bucket, Sylar comes to his rescue, it seems they’re now getting along, although Sylar hasn’t changed, he is just a killer as he rips open Jesse’s head, did he think Peter was still in there? They return to sector 5 and Sylar apologises but is put back in one of the cells.

Meanwhile Claire wants to be a superhero, she wants to fight the bad guys but her biological mother wants to warn her the dangers she faces so takes her to a shipping container and uses her fire to heat the place up. She cites that whilst she cannot get hurt, her mind still can play tricks on her. The air is being burnt out of the container and Claire begins to choke, her mother demands to know why she wants to do this and Claire eventually caves and admits she wants to hurt him like he hurt her.

Matt is still on his spirit walk and he learns that his African friend paints his life, whilst one image shows Matt with a wife and child, the African decides this is not the future anymore and paints over it with Matt now carrying a dying woman in his arms. Matt has to stop this happening and with the help of a walkman learns the future painting skill.

Nathan has been sworn in as senator but Tracey missed it, she has to find Nikki Sanders to end this confusion but when she gets to New Orleans she finds that Nikki is dead. Micah gets freaked out, but soon realises this woman is not his mum so decides to help her find out who she is. Using his power he cross-references both his mother and Tracey and find they were born on the same day, at the same hospital by the same doctor. Tracey visits this doctor and finds out that he created her!

Hiro and Ando catch up with Daphne who has delivered the formula already and now is going to intercept the second half. But she’s lost her powers…so has Hiro. Then the Haitian turns up and the deal goes down in a cinema as he collects the formula. Ando knocks him unconscious and as he and Hiro argue over the plan to do that, Daphne takes the formula and speeds off, Hiro can’t stop time because the Haitian has come to and he takes them to Sector 5.

The Haitian locks up Hiro and Ando and meets his old partner Noah, he asks if he has been replaced by Sylar and Noah tells him “only until I find his weakness”. Is Noah going to kill Sylar?

So a lot going on in a short space of time, once again there seems to be too much in my opinion, too many different storylines that I’m sure will all intersect at some point. Parkman’s story seems as useless as Hiro in ancient Japan last season. Hiro and Ando are being used as comic relief, seeing as Daphne is doing her evil deeds purely for the money, I expect her to side with Hiro or Ando later and become a proper hero, perhaps causing the divide between the two men.

I read a wacky theory over at the Empire forums that suggested Nikki/Tracey were actually robots built by the Company. Crazy Dr. Zimmerman said he created them both, it looks like the theory I dismissed as ludicrous could actually be true! This seems a bit far fetched don’t you think? Much like Lost, I am willing to suspend so much disbelief, such as I am willing to believe they are stuck on an island that’s a bit kooky, I’m willing to believe we could mutate and gain some special powers, but am I willing to believe people actually built living robots? I want to see how this is handled.

No Maya or Mohinder this time around which means we can only expect more of them in the next episode. What this show needs is a stronger focus and not be afraid to keep some suspense in their storylines. Peter trapped inside of Jesse could have developed longer on the internal conflict, trying to find a way out or trapping his cohorts. If Hiro and Peter can transcend time, why not just go back to when Daphne was a baby or Sylar or whoever and kill them right there? Sure it’d have an affect on the future but isn’t it worth it?
Where can I see this going now? Matt needs to make it back to the US to save someone, Peter is going to become his future self when he sees the destruction caused, he’s got to get that nasty scar somewhere too. Hiro and Ando need to lay off doing anything for a while, they only seem to cause trouble and they’re being used as comedy characters.

Overall, not a bad show, but it worries me that it’s losing the edge the first two episodes had. Here’s to episode four!

Y2Rating: 6/10

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