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I wasn’t looking forward to this episode, the title alone was enough to put me off. It makes it sound like a Thanksgiving special and I just didn’t think it was a good move.

As the title suggests the Heroes are celebrating Thanksgiving. Noah invites Sandra, her new fellow and Claire over to dinner but brings a date himself, that woman who used to fancy him back at Primatech but had to wipe him from her brain because it was “better this way”. There is awkwardness at the table and more so when Claire decides she’s going to quit college.

She ends up slicing her arm in front of Sandra’s new man who then faints. Noah invites Gretchen over and Claire feels happier but not after Noah tells Claire how dangerous Samuel is and that is all has something to do with the compass. Claire steals this compass and her and Gretchen go off on an adventure.

Angela joins Peter and Nathan in Peter’s apartment that is very badly lit for dinner. They question her about what they know about Sylar and Angela confirms everything. At the end of dinner Peter turns to Nathan who says it isn’t him and Sylar appears. He pins Angela and Peter down as he enjoys the pie before going to chop off Angela’s head.

But Nathan’s memories are still inside Sylars head and he is fighting to save his mother. He then morphs back to Nathan who flies off out the window.

Hiro has returned the tape to Samuel who watches it with glee, learning how he can become the most powerful man on Earth. The tattoo woman demands Hiro take her back to find out what really happened to Joseph. They watch as he tells Samuel he’s arranged for him to be put in a facility (presumably he isn’t talking about the facility at Primatech which burnt down many months ago now right?) but Samuel goes crazy and throws a rock into his brothers throat killing him.

Back at the carnival and Samuel tells there is a traitor in their midst, one that killed Joseph. He is about to single out the chap who runs fast and who sliced Noah but Hiro stops time and saves him.

The episode didn’t let me down, it was pretty rubbish. Just as it looked like Sylar was back, he wasn’t. Zachary can’t be happy with this surely? Not now he’s a big actor? And I’m getting sick and tired of Hiro “I want Charley, where is she?” – well go back in time to before Samuel took her and bloody protect her you fool!!

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