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I’m not one to brag. Lets be honest – what have I got to brag about? But I wanted to shout to the world how I’ve been awarded MVP – that’s Most Valuable Player – of thte Worcester Mens Futsal League 2010.

Now it may be a pity award to some after I was given it in two games which we lost, some will call the decision a travesty (Billy) and some people won’t even offer congratulations but I’m proud of myself and that’s what counts.

I know there is no “I” in “TEAM” but I only won this award because of my team-mates around me and being given the chance to play.

Brief background on myself, I ruptured my achilles tendon in April 2009 and haven’t played competitive 11-a-side football all season long. I’ve barely been able to train, I’ve been a real Ledly King. But then the chance to play Futsal came along eight weeks ago and I wanted to play.

It was a tough time, it was a learning experience, none of us had played Futsal before but it really is a fun and fast paced game. As a team we finished second, only being pipped by the guys who seem to win every year, who have been playing together for a long time and who know the sport. We were the new boys and to finish second is quite an achievement. I’m proud of being part of the team and I’m chuffed to pieces with winning MVP.

Thanks to the Worcestershire FA, the referees and to the Hornets for taking a chance on me. Most Valuable Player.

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