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I know WWE want Roman Reigns to be their new top guy, but seriously. The lad might have the look of a star but he can’t talk.

I was feeling sorry for him, having his opportunity to face Brock Lesnar ripped from him but then he came out to talk to Raw audience and he lost it. Not only did he mess up by saying “breat” instead of “beat”, he had no connection with the audience. Let’s put it in context. I was at the UK taping of Raw last year in Liverpool. The UK fans were full of red hot venom, demanding to know “WHERE’S OUR NETWORK”. John Cena came out, he was being booed and jeered but he was confident, he was fired up and he was able to turn the Network chants around and soon people were cheering Cena, placing blame on the failed network onto the Authority. It was incredible to watch and be a part of.

Now if instead of Cena that had been Roman Reigns, I don’t think he would have had the capabilities to turn that crowd around. He would have been booed out of the building and no clever editing could have saved him.

Then we have the tag match with Reigns teaming with Daniel Bryan to face Kane and the Big Show. No one is ever going to have a good match with Kane or the Big Show

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