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It’s nearly the new year, time for resolutions once again. Not that I ever stick to them. This year will be different.

Having recently moved into a new house I think it’s high time I rid my mother of my DVD collection and moved it in with me. Over the Christmas period I will do that and then I will start work on an ambitious shelving project.

I will also have a clear out of all the DVDs I now have as blu-ray and then I will catalogue them. Once that is achieved I will see how many films I own that I have not yet seen. This will then hopefully go towards my first new years resolution:

1) Watch all movies in my collection I have never seen all of or at all.

Obviously if it turns out I’ve not seen 600 of my collection then that might change to encompass 50% of those movies as I do lead a busy life and I don’t think I can get away with a film or more a day. Two or three a week maybe.

This then fits in nicely to resolution number two, a returning resolution.

2) Write a review for any movie I see.

Having recently become a published writer on a website other than my own (, I really need to up my writing game and to do that I need to write as much as I can. This should give me more opportunity to do so.

One of the final things I plan to do in 2014 is budget! Money is tight now due to the impending wedding and honeymoon and both Debora and I want to start saving for a house of our own but to do so I need to get my finances in order. To do this I plan on getting my wages put into a new account with no overdraft limit and allowing myself enough for bills and necessities. This means no more buying blu-rays! This will be my toughest task but I hope to subside the fact I’m not getting anything new with resolution number 1.

I do plan on selling some of my movie collection and games in order to fund anything new I want to buy. This is going to be rather tough I know, but hopefully with resolution 3 I can do it.

3) Budget!

These should keep my mind active and my creativity flowing. I have the biggest event of my life happening in 2014 and I plan to be ready for any potential new life events that may happen as a result. I can do this, just need the willpower.

Archived: New For 2014 - archived
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