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We’ve seen quite a few spy pics from the set of Transformers 3, but so far the actual story details have remained guarded. But now a big chunk of info has broken out into the wild. Want to know how the movie opens, which will obviously have some serious impact on the story as a whole? Read on.

Note that this is all spoiler stuff. If you’re averse to spoilers, don’t even hit the jump.

CHUD has this report, and though there aren’t any big character or story details here, this gives away a nice little opening jolt. The film opens with a disturbance on the moon — it’s a robot of some sort, and as info gets passed through NASA to higher and higher officials, there’s a lot of frantic running about. Finally the report arrives at the White House, where it lands on the President’s desk.

…and the President is John F. Kennedy. CHUD reports that this all leads up to the Transformers having something to do with the space race, and the fact that the US was desperate to get to the moon. It wasn’t just the Cold War; there was something vitally important to find up there.

That’s a fun, playful thing, and CHUD reports that it’s a Steven Spielberg idea. Not difficult to see how that might be the case, as it’s right up his alley. Certainly a great way to open the movie, if nothing else. Now if this holds true and the rest of the film can follow throught, maybe we’ll have a real rebound from Revenge of the Fallen.

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