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It’s that time of year again, if we thought last week was heavy with the number of American TV shows that premiered or made their debut, then this week will blow us away. Last night season 5’s premier of Desperate Housewives will no doubt steal the show but it has to content with Family Guy, American Dad, The Office and My Name Is Earl.

I am still way behind in my catchups, I’ve not seen any of My Name Is Earl seasons 2 or 3, nor season 4 of The Office – I know! I’m going to be catching up this week though, don’t worry and as soon as I am you can expect episode reports from me right here!

However I am up to date with Desperate Housewives and am really looking forward to catching the latest episode tonight! There has been a lot of talk about Eva Longoria during the break and how she could be pregnant, although those rumours were trounced when it was made clear she’s just putting on weight for the role. This would make sense to fit in with the story, afterall five years have passed, Gabby now has kids, her husband (presumably) is still blind, she can let her appearance go a little. I was pretty shocked by the ending to the last season, honestly, who would believe Mike and Susan split up after having a baby? It will also be interesting to see Lynette’s kids all grown up…maybe it’s me, maybe I’m just getting old and can’t judge the ages of kids anymore, but only five years have past, I thought the twins were only like ten, that makes them fifteen now…can you drive at fifteen? Anyway, I’m sure everything will be explained.

New Heroes to look forward to tomorrow, after not receiving any comments or criticism after my last post you can damn well be sure I’ll be doing another episode review tomorrow. Damn I’m excited.

It’s this time of year that bleeds our wallet dry with the amount of Christmas releases in the game and movie market, but with television like this, should we worry?

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