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After three years working for his father and being away from his friends, Eric (Sam Huntington) learns his former best friend and Star Wars nerd Linus (Chris Marquette) has terminal cancer. Eric decides that with his other fanboy friends Hutch (Dan Fogler), Windows (Jay Baruchel) and Zoe (Kristen Bell) they are going to complete their lifelong dream and travel to Skywalker Ranch in order to watch Episode One six months before its official release.

As you’d expect the road trip is tinged with challenges and problems and with Eric’s controlling father demanding he be at work first thing Monday morning to take on his new responsibilities can the team beat their own Deathstar?

This is a movie for every Star Wars fanboy and with a host of cameo appearances from all sorts of fanboys and former Star Wars cast members (Billy Dee Williams and Carrie Fisher) this really is a geekout. Standout performance from Seth Rogen taking on several roles was one of the greatest things about this movie until William Shatner steps out of the shadows.

Whilst this is in no means the greatest film out there, should you be a fan of Star Wars, either casual or hardcore, then you’re going to love this. If you’re a film fan, you’re going to love this. It is pure geek heaven and whilst its taken a long time to get here (thanks to The Weinstein Company wanting to remove the cancer storyline forcing reshoots) I can see this being a cult hit.

Fanboys has a unique selling point, something that will easily draw in the fanboys other than the entire premise of the film. The film goes behind the scenes at Skywalker Ranch, just seeing the costume for Darth Vader will send shivers down most peoples spines and have you saving your pennies for the rest of your life in order to be able to afford to spend a weekend on the sites hotels.

Funny, nerdy, a guilty pleasure with a great cast, no huge names but fantastic performances. Don’t miss Fanboys.

Archived: Review: Fanboys (2009) - archived
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