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Hey folks,

Just to let you know that I’m working on bringing back the reviews section of I’ve built a database from scratch all by myself and created the scripts needed to insert and display data from that database (I’m so proud of me right now). So I’ve updated the website with a new tab for Reviews (look for it up there).

If you want to read one of my reviews of films then just head there and check it out. I’ll be adding more and more as I watch stuff but only films will go there, Lost and other TV reviews will stay in the blog…unless I review a whole season. I don’t know yet. Regardless, the review section as a whole is still a work in progress, the search box doesn’t work yet but there aren’t many films to search through yet.

I also believe I’ve got some of the older reviews on a hard drive somewhere, I’ll fish those out and get them up there too to pad it out a bit. If I can find the Bond ones I’ll try and get back onto that.

Much rock!

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