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I’m not one usually to rant on sports, the way I see it the competitive nature of the game shouldn’t need people pouring over it with their opinions, although I feel compelled to have a little pop at my team, Arsenal, and their Champions League game against Roma last night.

All season long journalists have criticised the Arsenal team for lacking in front of goal. After four goal-less draws in a row the press were more condescending than ever, but then some goals and three points and suddenly Arsenal’s season has turned around.

But I’m not going to moan about them. I want to talk about the players, the people who when all was bleak said “I’ll leave the club if they can’t match my ambitions for trophies”…the only reason the club isn’t winning silverware is because the people on the pitch, the players, can’t produce the results.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how the manager says for you to play, they only want one thing in the end, a win. It is therefore down to the players to go out on that pitch and win the game. If they are not decisive in front of goal or not strong in defence then you’re not going to win and if you’re not going to win you’re not going to win trophies.

It’s not the club who lack the ambition, it’s the players who lack the skill to get those trophies. So they need to stop complaining and try doubling their efforts.

It was lucky that we went through to the final eight teams last night, now we need to go out there and prove that we deserve to be there and we can win trophies.

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