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Olympics, Euro 2012, Wimbledon. This will be a summer of sport coming at you and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

There have been a number of news stories in the press of late about all this sport mumbojumbo and two have stood out at me as being the most annoying.

One. Frank Lampard isn’t going to Euro 2012. Boo freakin’ hoo. He’s 34, he may have led Chelsea to a European Cup but Chelsea as a team really didn’t deserve to win it based on the style of football they played in both the semi-final and final and I really didn’t see anything from Lampard. Hodgson has had one match in charge and he left Lamps out. I’m not saying he might not have been in the plans but he wasn’t the first choice and to be honest, England have been struggling to get him and Gerrard to play together from day one, so not having him there is no big deal.

The big deal is his replacement. Jordan Henderson? Who? Honestly, I’m sure we could have found someone better than that.

Secondly. Andy Murray. I hate him. Does he ever smile? Currently working through a back injury that’s been plaguing his career. It only seems to play up when he’s doing shite. Something to blame his performance on, man up and admit you’re a loser Murray! Worked his way through the first round of the French open fine, then loses the first set in the second round and boom! “MY BACK!” Just seems a little too convenient for my liking.

Ok, rant over. Come on England and all that jazz!

Archived: Sports Ramblings - archived
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