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Lost Season Five is only a matter of months away, so in preperation for it I have decided to revisit all the episodes prior to see if I can uncover the secrets of the island that I may have missed. I figured it out that if I watched an episode a day and wanted to have re-watched all the episodes before February I would have needed to start watching the first episode by November 10th. I’m jumping in a bit early and plan to watch more than one a day because I know there will be times when I don’t actually get a chance to watch anything, like over Christmas. Anyway, onto episode one!

Episode 101 – “Pilot: Part 1”
Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have said that there is something in the first episode that pertains to the secrets of the island and no-one has stumbled upon it yet, so I found myself watching this episode with great focus.

Jack wakes up in the jungle, he is dazed and confused. Vincent runs past him so Jack gets up and runs to the beach, at first it seems tranquil but we then hear the screams and the camera pans around to show a disaster. Oceanic Flight 815 has crashed. There is widespread panic and Jack takes it upon himself to be the hero, trying to save as many people as possible. It’s an exciting opening and a great hook into the show. It is also one of the most expensive shots that a TV series will ever see.

We are introduced to a number of who will become key players, Sun and Jin, Claire and Hurley, Shannon and Boone, Locke and Sayid, Kate and Charlie and Rose. (OK so Rose isn’t exactly a key player). Jack tells Kate a story about fear and how he doesn’t let it control him anymore which Kate then uses herself later in the episode. As night falls the survivors hear a nasty noise coming from the jungle and trees look to be falling over, everyone is frightened. “Is that Vincent?” – of course not! The noises it makes we associate with the smoke monster that we get to know later in the series.

Jack, Kate and Charlie head out to find the cockpit and the black box. When they get there Charlie vanishes off into the toilet whilst Kate and Jack search the cockpit only to have the pilot wake up and tell them that they are one thousand miles off course and the black box wasn’t transmitting a signal. “They’re looking for us in the wrong place.” Just then the smoke monster makes its return. The pilot (Matt Parkman from Heroes) sticks his head out the window only to be sucked out and then blood splatters on the glass.

Jack, Kate and Charlie make a run for it, Charlie stumbles, Jack goes to help him leaving Kate all alone. She hides in some thicket and counts to five, remembering Jacks story about fear from earlier. Charlie then finds her and she worries about Jack. They set off to find him but find the pilot up in the trees, skin torn from his body and Jack returns.

What is this secret thats been hiding in the first episode? Well when Kate and Jack are planning to go into the jungle some of the losties can be heard in the background talking about the monster the night before, one says “that sounded awfully familier”…could this particular survivor have been to the island before? We also see Locke with an orange in his mouth smile at Kate who is taking the shoes from a dead body. In ‘The Godfather’ whenever a character is seen with an orange it means death is imminent, and low and behold the pilot dies in the following scene. Perhaps this is a sign? Or perhaps they have just been toying with us all along?!

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