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Episode 102 – “Pilot: Part 2”

It’s the second day on the island and the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 are no closer to rescue. Jack, Kate and Charlie return with the transciever but it’s not working. Sawyer and Sayid are fighting because Sawyer thinks they crashed because Sayid is a terrorist, they are broken up by Jack and Michael.

Walt goes off looking for Vincent but only finds handcuffs, Michael promises him a new dog when they get home but this only upsets Walt who walks off and finds Locke playing Backgammon on his own. Locke explains the game is older than Jesus Christ and tells Walt it is played with two sides, one light, one dark. He also asks if Walt would be interested in hearing a secret – what secret we don’t know, perhaps that Locke used to be a cripple?

Micheal is upset that he can’t control his son, Jack talks to him about it and tells Michael he saw Vincent the day before so Micheal goes off to find him. Jin makes some fish for the losties but no one really wants to eat it.

Sayid and Kate decide to take the fixed transciever to higher ground in the hope of getting a signal, Shannon tries to show her brother that she is capable of doing something decides to tag along as does Boone and a recently laced up Charlie. Meanwhile Jack tends to the man with the shrapnel in his ribs and Hurley passes out.

Whilst on the hike the group are attacked by a polar bear, when everybody runs Sawyer stands tall and shots the creature eight times. They all wonder how a polar bear got this far south when Kate questions how Sawyer got a gun. He tells them a US Marshall was on board and he swiped it from him. Sayid thinks he is the prisoner when in actuallity it was Kate who then takes the gun and takes it apart.

The group move on to higher ground where they pick up a distress signal that is blocking their own. Shannon translates saying it killed them, it killed all of them, please help and Sayid works out it has been playing for the last sixteen years.

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