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Episode 106 – “House of the Rising Sun”
I have never been fond of the Jin & Sun flashback episodes, mainly I feel because I have to read the subtitles and feel I’m being alienated somewhat, perhaps when I’m reading I’m missing some key scene vital to the plot of the island? Perhaps I should learn Korean?

Seemingly out of nothing, Jin attacks Michael and it looks like he is going to beat him to death until Sawyer and Sayid rush in and split them up. Jin gets handcuffed to the wreckage and Michael is questioned. In flashbacks we see how Sun and Jin first got together and how Jin had to ask Sun’s father for permission, which he was granted, but at a cost. When Jin comes home with blood on his hands, Sun asks him what he was doing to which he replies “whatever your father tells me to do”. We also learn Sun can speak English and was planning on leaving Jin at the airport (at 11.15 – there’s that number again) but she can’t go through with it. Why were they in Australlia going to LA anyway?

Sun confronts Michael who learns she can speak English. She tells him all he wanted was the watch and he was defending her fathers honour. Michael gives Jin the watch and breaks him free of his shackles. What will become of Sun know Michael knows she speaks English?

Meanwhile Jack takes Charlie, Kate and Locke to the fresh water in the caves and Jack decides they should bring the people to the water. This doesn’t sit will with half of the survivors as they think they’ll be giving up hope of ever getting rescued. In the caves they find two dead bodies, male and female, “our very own Adam and Eve” says Locke and Jack finds one black and one white stone in Adams pocket.

Whilst Jack and Kate take the water back to the camp Locke and Charlie search the wreckage. Locke is suspicious of Charlie and eventually confronts him about his drug habit. He tells him that if he gives up his drugs now, the come down will still be as painful but he’ll be doing it on his own terms. Charlie refuses but Locke persists. “How much do you want your guitar? I know that the island can give you what you want, but you have to give the island something first”, Locke says. Charlie hands over his stash and Locke points up where Charlie sees his guitar. It’s another island miracle!

At the end of the episode we see two groups, the one that has gone to the caves and the other that stayed at the beach. Jack is in the caves and Kate is at the beach.

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