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Episode 110 – “Raised By Another”
We learn more about Claire and her baby. In flashbacks we find out that she didn’t think she could raise the child on her $5 an hour job with a painter but her boyfriend convinces her it could work. Claire visits a psychic who sees something terrible and sends Claire away. Three months later and her boyfriend leaves her so Claire goes back to the psychic and asks for another reading. He says that Claire must raise this baby, it needs her goodness in its life. Anyone else would bring great danger.

After two pens fail to allow Claire to sign away her baby (remember in season four the island won’t let Michael die? Perhaps it’s at work here), so she leaves and goes back to the psychic who says he has a plan. He is going to send Claire to LA where he has found a couple who can take care of the child without worry. Claire is given a ticket for flight 815 that leaves the next day.

On the island Claire is having vivid dreams and after sleepwalking is then attacked and stabbed with a needle, or is she? Jack thinks she’s going crazy so she leaves to the beach but starts having contractions halfway. Charlie tries to help and then runs for Jack, meeting Ethan half way he asks him to get Jack and goes back to Claire. He tries to console her and Claire says she wasn’t supposed to be there. She tells Charlie of the psychic and his plan and Charlie offers the opinion that perhaps he did know the plane would go down and this was the only way Claire could raise the baby alone.

Meanwhile Hurley thinks after Claires attack there should be a census taken and so compiles names of all the survivors. He then compares it to the flight manifest and finds out that there is someone on the island who wasn’t on the plane. Sayid stumbles back and tells Jack that they are not alone on the island. Hurley announces that Ethan wasn’t on the plane. Where is he? He’s with Claire and Charlie and has a freaky look on his face.

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