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Episode 118 – “Numbers”
When Hurley finds the numbers he used to win the lottery scribbled on Rousseau’s papers he wanders off to try and find her. On the island Michael thinks that when the raft sets sail they would have a better chance of being spotted if they could send a distress signal. They believe Sayid could build something but would need a battery, which gives Hurley an excuse to search the jungle for Rousseau.

In flashbacks we learn about Hurley’s obsession with the numbers on the paper and that they were the same numbers that he used to win the mega lotto. After he wins, bad things start happening to him and he believes the money is cursed. His grandfather dies, his brothers fiancée leaves him, the house he buys for his mother burns down but through it all, Hurley’s stock continues to rise as the business and shares his accountant runs for him seems to benefit from the bad luck. Hurley also owns a box company in Tulsa, perhaps the same one John Locke worked at.

Hurley is determined to find the source of these numbers so goes in search of the man he heard them from. He visits Leonard at the Santa Rosa Medical Facility and Leonard is sitting at a table, playing Connect 4 repeating the numbers over and over again. Hurley questions him but gets no reply. He then says he used the numbers to play the lottery which sends Lenny into a fit, he screams that Hurley has “opened the box” (that’s a reference to something in later seasons). Lenny is taken away but not before he gives Hurley information about the numbers.

Using that information Hurley goes to Australia and the middle of no where in search of a chap who also used the numbers. This man is dead but his wife lives to tell the tale and it seems Hurley and he’s life led very similar paths. The woman tells Hurley bad things happen all the time and that he is not cursed nor are the numbers. Hurley leaves on Flight 815 and lands on the island.

On the island Hurley and Charlie cross a bridge that collapses, separating them from Sayid and Jack. They are in search of Rousseau and need to navigate her traps. Jack trips a wire which blows up Danielles old hut and Sayid finds the picture of his lover in the ashes. Charlie confronts Hurley telling him to stop acting like a lunatic, Hurley says he’s not crazy and as he is about to confess to Charlie they get shot at. They run but get split up.

Hurley is met by Danielle and he asks her about the numbers, she agrees that they probably are cursed and Hurley goes away happy, and with a battery. Just as Charlie explains about being split from Hurley he appears and they all head back to the beach. Later, Charlie wants to know what Hurley was going to confess and tells him about his addiction. Hurley tells Charlie he is worth $158 million but Charlie doesn’t believe him.

Today is also Claires birthday and Locke has built her a crib. The final shot shows the hatch and zooms in to reveal the numbers etched into the side. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

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