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Episode 119 – “Deus Ex Machina”
Locke and Boone struggle to open the hatch, even a trebuchet and its half a ton force can’t smash the glass and Boone gives up. John promises him the island will send them a sign but the only thing it’s sent so far is a piece of shrapnel from the trebuchet into Johns leg, yet he feels no pain. Later John pricks and burns his legs, he doesn’t feel the pain.

In flashbacks we see John in a different job in a toy shop, he is being followed by a woman who reveals herself to be his mother. She tells him he is special and that he was immaculately conceived which leads John to hire a private investigator to find out the truth. He does have a father and when he visits him they get on tremendously well. After a few months John learns his dad, Anthony Cooper, is on dialysis and needs a new kidney. John offers him his but when he comes around we learn that Anthony was conning John all along just to get his kidney. Johns mother returns and apologises.

On the island Sawyer is suffering from headaches and reluctantly asks Jack for help. After toying with each other Jack diagnoses Sawyer needs glasses and they make him a pair out of the many found in the wreckage.

Locke wakes from a dream where he saw a small plane crash and a Boone covered in blood talking about Theresa. John wakes Boone and they go on an adventure, Boone can’t believe John knew about Theresa who turns out to be an old nanny Boone had who took a nasty fall down some stairs. They find a cross attached to a tree and Boone asks who trekked this far to leave a cross, they find a dead body in the trees, dressed as a priest but with a wad of cash, gold teeth and a pistol. This will be referenced later in season two.

As they walk through the forest Locke struggles to walk and eventually collapses, he tells Boone that he used to be a cripple and when Boone goes to help him John starts laughing, they’ve found the plane. Boone climbs up the cliff face and into the teetering plane finding heroin stashed in Virgin Mary statues (reference to the immaculate conception?) When Boone tries to use the radio he hears a voice on the other end. He tries to get a better reception but the plane tilts and falls off the cliff. Locke rescues Boone and takes him to Jack.

When Jack asks Locke what happened he has disappeared, back to the hatch where he is on his knees crying. He asks what he needs to do, he doesn’t understand and then a light comes on from inside the hatch!

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