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Episode 120 – “Do No Harm”
In flashbacks (which in my opinion offer nothing to the story in this episode) we see Jack on his wedding day to the patient whose life he saved (and which we’ll see in another episodes flashback), Sarah. Jack struggles to write some vows and when his Dad eventually turns up Jack questions if he’s getting married for the right reasons. Christian tells him he never could let go and then at the alter Jack repeats that, but marries Sarah anyway.

On the island Jack is trying to patch up Boone but he is in a terrible way. His lung has collapsed so Jack shoves a needle into his chest and his leg has been crushed. It’s quite a cringe-worthy episode if you’re squeamish. Sun lends a hand, acting as nurse to Jack and Charlie tries to find a blood donor but no one on the island knows their blood type, so Jack has to give his own using a makeshift needle. Nasty.

Sayid has whipped Shannon off for a romantic night away on a secluded beach, just the two of them. Claire is trapped in the forest and in labour, Kate orders Jin to get Jack but as he’s busy giving blood he tells Charlie how to deliver the baby and tells him he must get Kate to repeat that. After some convincing Kate agrees to deliver Claries baby but she’s not so keen to push! Claire is worried her baby will resent her for wanting to give him away. Kate reassures her the baby knows Claire wants it now and in the end Claire gives birth to a healthy baby boy.

Jack is struggling with Boone who isn’t getting any better. He realises Locke lied to him and Boone confirms this in a broken whisper that he was in a plane that fell, that he and Locke found a hatch and Locke wants to keep it a secret. The blood Jack has donated is just rushing to Boone’s leg and Jack can only think to chop the leg off. As he is about too, Boone comes around and tells him he is letting him off his promise to save his life. Boone dies and the last words he says are “tell Shannon”.

The next day at the beach Claire shows off her baby and Sayid and Shannon return to receive the bad news. Jack looks upset with himself and Kate wants him to talk about it. Jack says Boone didn’t die, he was murdered and he’s off to find John Locke.

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