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Episode 202 – “Adrift”
After a long, long recap of what’s happened previously we see the aftermath of the raft being blown up. Jin is missing and Sawyer sees Michael has lost all his energy screaming after Walt. Sawyer drags Michael as he begins to sink and resuscitates him. Michael continues to shout after Walt but Sawyer says to conserve his energy, Michael can’t just let Walt go.

In flashbacks we see the lawsuit between Michael and Susan over who gets paternal rights to Walt. Michael puts up a fight to try and stop Susan taking away his son but as the lawyers point out, he didn’t try and stop her before with Amsterdam and Michael has never been there for Walt, why should he be now? In a final goodbye to a young Walt Michael hands him a stuffed polar bear – irony?

On the island we get a recap of Kate being taken at the hatch and Locke going in after her. We see what happens to Locke in the hatch and how he tries to explain everything to Desmond. Kate is tied up and locked in a pantry full of food including candy. She manages to climb through the air ducts and finds herself overlooking the incidents in the hatch as Jack clicks that he knows Desmond. Locke also experiences his first taste of typing the numbers into the computer.

Michael and Sawyer argue on the remains of the raft over whose fault it is that Walt has gone. Sawyer pulls the bullet out of his own shoulder with his bare hands and they get attacked by a shark, a shark that seems to have a Dharma logo on its tail. As Sawyer swims for a bigger bit of the raft the shark appears behind him, Michael fires the gun and the shark goes away. They then rest on the bigger raft and when they wake up they see the island.

They go ashore, out of breath when they hear someone shouting from the jungle, it’s Jin! He runs out of the thicket with his arms tied behind his back yelling. Sawyer unties him as Jin warns them there is someone chasing him. The Others. Out from the jungle appear a group of people with weapons.

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