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Episode 211 – “The Hunting Party”
Michael knocks out Locke and steals a gun then locks him and Jack in the armoury as he goes off running after Walt. Kate and Sawyer turn up in the hatch looking for Jack and save them just in time to enter the code. Jack takes some guns and he and Locke set off in search of Michael, Sawyer tags along but Jack refuses to let Kate come too. But being Kate, she does. They follow Michael’s trail until they hear some gun shots. Sawyer perks up and Jack realises he is just out to get revenge on the person who shot him. As they run toward the gunfire they come face to face with one of the Others.

They are told they are guests on the Others’ island and they are only alive because they are being allowed to. They are told to drop their weapons and head back to where they came from, that Walt is a special boy and Michael will never find him. When Jack refuses to give up the Others pull out Kate and hold her at gunpoint. Jack is disapointed she disobeyed him but they agree to give up and go home.

In flashbacks we see an Italian father and daughter in conference with Christian and Jack, looking for surgery on the old man’s spine. Christian says surgery would be impossible and it’d take a miracle, the daughter says they came for Jack as he is the miracle worker and Jack agrees to perform the surgery. Over the next month he spends more time at the hospital, neglecting his wife who thought she might be pregnant, but she wasn’t. During the surgery the man dies and the daughter thanks Jack for trying, kissing him and he kisses her. Later Jack tells Sarah who says she’s leaving him, as he’ll always need something to fix. She’s been seeing someone else.

Back on the island Jack goes to speak to Ana Lucia, he asks her how long it’ll take to build an army.

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