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Episode 214 – “One Of Them”
Ana Lucia spots a woman wandering through the jungle and on route to tell Jack she tells Sayid who realises the woman is Danielle. He asks her what she’s doing here and she says she was looking for him. She takes Sayid through the jungle to one of her traps where a man is hanging from a tree. Sayid releases him and as he runs away Danielle fires an arrow through his shoulder. The man says he is Henry Gale from Minnesota, but Danielle says he’s one of them.

In flashbacks we see Sayid’s first experience of becoming a torturer. He is burning documents when the US Military arrive and take him captive, they use him as a translator at first, trying to find a captured US pilot but Sayid can’t get any information out of his former superior officer until the US give him the means to. After Sayid extracts the information the military drive him into the middle of no where and release him. Sayid is disgusted with himself and the US soldier speaks to him in his native tongue meaning that he never needed Sayid as a translator in the first place.

Back on the island and Sawyer is being annoyed by a loud tree frog, as he goes through the jungle in search of it he finds Hurley feasting from a secret stash. In exchange for his silence Hurley agrees to help Sawyer find the frog, they do and Hurley wants to take it far away but Sawyer kills it without hesitation.

Sayid and Locke form a plan and Locke changes the combination to the armoury while Jack treats Henry. After placing him in the room Sayid locks himself in and beings to interrogate Henry. He is from Minnesota, he and his wife were travelling across the pacific in a balloon when it crashed on the island. His wife became sick and died, Sayid can’t believe he doesn’t know how deep he buried his wife as he knows if it were true you’d remember every handful.

Jack is furious about what is going on and he holds Locke up against the wall, threatening him to unlock the door otherwise he’ll let the timer count down to zero without pushing the button. As the alarm gets louder and faster Locke panics and unlocks the door rushing to enter the code. As he types in the numbers the clock counts past zero and black and red hieroglyphs appear. Locke presses execute and the clock returns to 108.

Sayid tells Locke and Jack that Henry is lying and he knows it, later at the beach he tells Charlie what has happened because everyone else has forgotten. When asked what they’ve forgotten Sayid says that they’ve forgot he was hung up by his neck and Claire was taken for days, now no one questions it. Sayid asks Charlie if he too has forgotten.

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