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Episode 301 – “A Tale of Two Cities”
We open with a blonde woman putting on a CD, ‘Downtown’ by Petula Clark. She prepares her home for a meeting and burns her hand pulling muffins out of the oven, they too are burnt. Later she is hosting a book club meeting, one of the guests is critising the book choice, saying he wouldn’t read it in his bathroom and he knows why she, Juliette, chose it, so Ben wouldn’t come. There is then a tremor like an earthquake, after the guests run outside and Henry Gale appears from his house. They look up and see Oceanic Flight 815 break apart above them. Henry calls over Goodwin and Ethan, tells them to go to the crash sites and pretend to be survivors. After he turns to Juliette and says he guesses he’s out of the book club.

In flashbacks we see Jack after his break up with Sarah. He wants to know who she is with now and so starts ringing everyone out of her phone book. When his Dad’s phone goes off in front of him Jack instantly suspects his father. He later follows him, thinking he is going to see Sarah but he actually goes to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Jack goes crazy and attacks his father which ends him up in prison. Sarah posts his bail but still won’t tell Jack who she’s with now, she says it doesn’t matter, all that matters is he’s something Jack isn’t.

On the island Jack wakes up in a cell of sorts, Juliette tries to talk to him but he refuses. When she brings him food he attacks her and tries to escape but his efforts are thwarted when he realises he is underwater. Juliette tells him they are in the Hydra station and they are under the water. Henry is watching on monitors in the room next door.

Kate wakes up to find a running shower, Tom tells her to take one and she refuses to in front of him. Tom says Kate isn’t his type and leaves. She showers and finds her clothes gone, she is forced to wear a dress. She is taken to Henry who is having breakfast on the beach. She asks why she is there and he says because he wanted her to have something nice to remember, because the next two weeks are going to be a nightmare.

Sawyer wakes up in a cell, inside is a machine like one of Pavlov’s. He must press a button, depress a level and flick a switch at the same time to win himself a fish biscuit. In the adjacent cell sits a young chap, he warns Sawyer of the trick the machine has up its sleeve and then breaks both him and Sawyer out. Sawyer instantly runs into Juliette who locks him back up. The other kid is also captured and forced to apologise to Sawyer for involving him in his break out attempt. Later Kate is put in the cell opposite Sawyer, Tom congratulates him on getting the fish biscuit and says it only took the bears two hours.

Juliette talks to Jack, tries to reason with him. She says she knows everything about him, she has a large file full of information on him. Jack wants to know about Sarah, Juliette asks what he’d like to know. Jack wonders if Sarah is happy, Juliette says she is, very happy. She wants to bring him some food again but only if he’ll behave. Jack accepts and as Juliette goes to his door Henry appears and congratulates her on a job well done. Juliette thanks him and calls him Ben.

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