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Episode 309 – “Stranger In A Strange Land”
In possibly one of the most pointless flashbacks in a pointless episode, we learn how Jack got his tattoos. Whilst in Pucket trying to find himself Jack meets a woman. She keeps herself to herself, saying she has a gift. After a month of her coming to his room on the beach and pleasuring each other Jack wants to know the big deal so follows her. She “sees” who people are and marks them. Jack wants her to do it to him but she is reluctant. Jack won’t take no for an answer. She says she sees him as a great man, a leader, but angry. She marks him.

On the island Jack is moved from his cell to a cage and Juliette is put where he was. He questions what is going on and it turns out Juliette is on trial for what she did to Danny. She comes to Jack for help, Ben’s stitches are infected and he needs Jack to help him but Jack refuses. Later Alex asks Jack why he saved Ben, he says because he said he would. Jack asks what is happening to Juliette and she says she is on trial and will die, an eye for an eye.

Jack strikes a deal with Alex who lets him out of the cage. Jack goes to Ben and strikes a deal to get Juliette off. “The Sheriff” who goes by the name of Isabella, isn’t happy and says Juliette is to be marked, but go free. Later Jack tends to the marking on Juliette’s back and the whole lot ship off from the island they’re on back to the other island that they call home.

Meanwhile Kate and Sawyer aren’t getting on too well after their canoodling, Kate wants to go back for Jack but Sawyer won’t let her. Karl is crying over Alex so Sawyer tells him to go get her.

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