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Episode 312 – “Par Avion”
Claire wakes up to find Charlie has made her breakfast and prepared a picnic on the beach, he says he was fed up of moping and is seizing the day. As they are about to start breakfast, Desmond comes out of the woods and suggests Charlie go hunting with him, as he does a flock of birds fly overhead and Claire goes running off screaming she has an idea of how to get off the island.

In flashbacks we see Claire at the site of a car crash, she is the driver and her passenger has been flung out the windscreen and is lying on the road. It is her mother. At the hospital the police question Claire who says she isn’t to blame. Her mother is being kept alive by machines, the doctor says he doesn’t know when she will wake up but they’ll keep her alive as long as they can. Claire’s aunt Lindsay says they can’t afford that, but the doctor tells them its been taken care of but he can’t say by who. Weeks later Claire finds a man with her mother when she arrives for her visit, it’s Christian Sheppard.

Wanting to know who he is and why he’s paying to keep Claire’s mother alive, Claire questions Christian. He tells her he is her father and she can’t believe it. He comes to visit her at work one day and takes her for coffee. She says he may be her father but she doesn’t even know his name and she wants it to stay that way. Christian doesn’t have much luck with kids does he? Months later and Claire goes to her mother pregnant. She tells her about the pregnancy and her planned trip to Australia. She breaks down in tears apologising for arguing with her mother and for wishing she was dead. (Note in Juliette’s flashback she wished her ex-husband was dead and then days later he died.)

On the island Claire, Sun and Jin prepare a trap for the birds but just as they are about to trap one, Desmond fires a gun to scare off the birds. Claire shouts at him and wants to know what’s going on. Des remains ignorant. Later Claire follows Des across the beach and over some dangerous looking rocks as he captures a bird. Claire wants to know how he knew it’d be in that exact spot and he reluctantly tells her about his visions. He saw Charlie die trying to get Claire a bird so he had to do it instead.

On the other side of the island, Sayid, Danielle, Kate and Locke are hunting for the Others barracks with Mikhail as their prisoner. Mikhail tells them they’re going the right way and makes a comment which forces Sayid to say Mikhail knows nothing about them. He says of course he doesn’t and lists them all by full name. Just before he can break news that the John Locke he knew was a cripple Danielle calls out, there is something up ahead. It is a series of pylons, Sayid suspects they are some kind of alarm that will be triggered if anything breaks between them. Mikhail agrees but says like everything else on the island it hasn’t worked for years. Locke takes Mikhail and throws him between the posts, a loud noise goes off and foam starts coming from Mikhails mouth, his ears bleed and he is sent crashing to the floor, apparently dead.

Sayid argues with Locke over what he just did and Kate suggests they go over the fence by chopping down a tree. Going to get the axe out of Locke’s bag she finds some C4, Locke had told Sayid he didn’t know the Flame was rigged. They all make it over the fence and find the Barracks where there is a whole community set up. They see Jack, he is running towards them. Kate has to be restrained from going to him. Jack isn’t running from the Others, he’s catching a football thrown by Tom. He throws it back and they play catch until Jack spikes the ball for a touchdown.

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