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Episode 316 – “One of Us”
In flashbacks we see how Juliette came to the island. She has accepted Mittelos Bioscience’s offer and is arriving at the facility. She says she didn’t expect an airport to be here and she’s right, because there isn’t one. She turns up with her sister, Rachel but Richard and Ethan can’t let Rachel in due to security. Juliette gives a tearful goodbye and heads inside where she is offered a glass of orange juice. Richard inserts a sachet of tranquilzer and hands it to her. Juliette questions why she has to be drugged and Richard wonders why only now she is questioning everything. He tells her where she is going she gets to share her gift and Juliette drinks the drug.

When she awakens she is strapped to a bed on a submarine, she is let out and greeted by Ben on the dock. She is instantly put to work and we see her watch as another woman dies on her table. She is upset and wants to leave, she obviously can’t do anything to save the pregnant women on the island. Ben won’t let her leave, he says there is no point as her sister has cancer again and will be dead before she can get there. He promises that if she stays, he will cure Rachel, Jacob said so himself. Juliette stays but when she learns Ben has cancer she questions everything again and tells Ben he has to let her go.

Ben takes Juliette to the Flame where Mikhail links up with Richard who is on the mainland. He shows the island the newspaper and then images of Rachel, with her hair back and a young baby boy, named Julian.

On the island Sayid, Kate, Jack and Juliette continue their trek back to the beach, they make camp for the night and Sayid questions Juliette. She tells him if she told him everything she knew he’d kill her. Jack says Juliette is under his protection and to leave her alone. At the beach Claire isn’t feeling too good. When Jack and gang arrive everyone begins to question Juliette and Hurley tells her that the last time one of them were here, Ethan, he kidnapped Claire and Charlie got upset.

When Claire stumbles into an argument and blood starts coming from her mouth Jack quickly rushes to her side but it is Juliette who knows what’s wrong with her, because she did it. She knows there are some antidotes hidden by the caves and asks Jack if she can go get them, he agrees but Juliette is followed by Sayid and Sawyer who want to ask her some questions. She asks when they became the “moral police” and wondered how the other survivors reacted when they heard about Sayid in Basra and that Sawyer killed a man in cold blood before boarding Flight 815. They let her go.

When Juliette arrives back Jack says that if this doesn’t work he can’t protect Juliette anymore, she’ll be on her own. She says she’s already on her own, but the injections work and the next morning Claire is feeling much better. Jack gives Juliette some blankets and tarp and she sets up camp with the survivors on the beach. We then get another flashback where Juliette and Ben are talking, they are going over the plan once more. That Juliette must handcuff herself to Kate, infiltrate the gang and that the implant inside Claire is set to go off to make Juliette a hero…just who is she?

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