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Episode 317 – “Catch 22”
Desmond has another vision, someone is coming to the island, but for his premonition to come true, Charlie must die. In flashbacks we see how Desmond met Penny, he became a monk, passing a vow of silence only to be fired when he was found drinking the monk’s wine. His fellow brother told him that perhaps being at the Abbey was only a step on his path, something he had to do on the way to something greater. On the monk’s desk was a photo of him and Ms. Hawking! Des hands in his robes and gets asked one last thing, help load the wine into the back of Penelope’s car. She takes a shine to him and invites him to Carlisle.

On the island Kate notices Jack and Juliette getting closer so she jumps Sawyer. Sawyer beats Jack at table tennis and Hurley, Jin, Charlie and Des go into the jungle following his vision. Des says he thinks someone is coming to the island and whilst camping under the stars they hear a helicopter whirl, it crashes into the ocean but in the night sky a red light flashes. Des thinks it’s Penny that’s coming looking for him but when he gets to the part of the vision where Charlie dies, he intervenes again and saves his life, perhaps altering the course of the vision?

They find a rucksack in a tree, inside is a satellite phone that’s run out of charge and a French copy of Catch 22 that has the same picture of Des and Penny that he carries with him. When they find the body hanging from the trees Des panics, he chops her down and she groans, she is still alive. They remove her helmet but it’s not Penny.

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