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Episode 507 – “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”
We open on the island at the Hydra station, the man who was in first class on flight 316 is rummaging through files and drawers. As well as some maps that look like Daniel Faraday’s, he finds a sawn-off shotgun and puts it in his bag. A woman enters and asks what he has found, she calls him Caesar. He reveals a torch and offers it to her. She says they’ve found a man that no one can remember being on the plane. They go to the beach and the man introduces himself as John Locke.

The next morning Locke is stood in the ocean, the woman, Ilana, introduces herself to him and offers him a mango. Locke says it’s the best mango he’s ever tasted and asks if the outriggers on the beach belong to her. She says no, there used to be three but the pilot and a woman took one and rowed off. She asks John why he’s dressed so nice and he says this is probably the suit they were going to bury him in. She looks confused and asks him what he remembers, John says he remembers dying.

We then see John moving the frozen donkey wheel and leaving the island. He wakes up in Tunisia just like Ben did and he throws up. There is a camera filming the spot where he landed. John’s leg is broken and he can’t move. Later a truck approaches and takes John to a hospital where his leg is snapped back into place. When he awakens he sees Charles Widmore by his bedside, Charles says he met Locke when he was seventeen on the island and yet Locke looks no different to him. He asks how long it has been for John since they last met and John says four days.

Charles tells Locke that he was exiled from the island just like Locke, conned into turning the wheel by Ben. Locke says he turned the wheel by choice and Widmore realises that Locke is here to take the Oceanic 6 back. Charles offers to help Locke and gives him information on where all Locke’s friends are, he also offers Locke the services of Matthew Abaddon as a driver and a phone that Locke can reach Widmore on by dialling 23. He also gives him a passport with the name Jeremy Bentham on it, Widmore says Locke’s parents had fun naming him after a great philosopher, why can’t he?

Locke flies to Santa Domingo and speaks with Sayid, he asks him to come back to the island and Sayid refuses. He tells Locke about Nadia and how for two years he was manipulated by Ben to kill people. Locke tells Sayid he is staying in Los Angeles under his alias and goes to New York where he meets Walt. Walt says he has been having dreams about Locke where he is wearing a suit and people are trying to hurt him. Locke says it’s lucky it was just a dream then. Walt asks if Locke has seen his father but Locke says the last he saw of him he was on a freighter near the island. Walt leaves and Locke asks Abaddon to locate Helen Norwood for him. As they leave Ben is seen watching them.

Locke arrives at the Santa Rosa Mental hospital and see’s Hurley. Hurley apologises to Locke for not making it, thinking he is dead. Locke says he is very real and here to bring Hurley back. Hurley refuses and spots Abaddon waiting by the car, he cries out that Abaddon is evil and wants to go back to his room. Locke then acknowledges that he remembers Abaddon from the hospital as his orderly. Abaddon says he helps people get where they need to go and Locke needs to go back to the island.

Kate is up next on Locke’s visits and she outwardly refuses to go back, saying Locke is on a vendetta because he never loved anyone. Locke says that isn’t true and talks about Helen. He then goes to visit her with Abaddon, but she is dead. At the cemetery Abaddon is shot and killed, Locke speeds off in the car but crashes. When he wakes up he is in a hospital and Jack is by his bedside. Jack wants to know why Locke is here and Locke says it is fate that he was brought to the hospital where Jack works. Jack dismisses it as probability and yells at Locke, saying he isn’t special he’s just a sad old man. Locke tells Jack his father says hello and Jack storms out.

Back at his hotel room Locke writes his suicide note and addresses it to Jack. He ties some cable and creates a noose. Just as he is about to kill himself Ben bursts in and stops him. Ben says that Widmore is using Locke to find the island after Ben moved it and warns him that he is a very dangerous man. He unties the noose and Locke steps down from the table. Ben says Locke has a lot of work to do and he is very special but Locke says he couldn’t convince a single person to come back with him. Ben says that Jack has bought a ticket, LA to Sydney, returning in the morning. He believes, and it’s just a matter of time before the rest fall into place.

Locke explains why he never visited Sun and Ben is surprised to learn that Jin is alive. Locke says the next step is to go see Elouise Hawking when he is attacked by Ben and choked to death. Ben then cleans up the room, making it look like Locke hung himself. Ben takes Jin’s wedding ring from the table and leaves, having cleaned the room of any of his fingerprints.

Back on the island and Locke visits Caesar at the Hydra, he explains the Dharma logo and says he has been on this island for over a hundred days. Caesar explains that on the plane he was sitting next to a big man with curly hair when there was a flash of light then he vanished. Locke says he has a better understanding of how he came to the island and asks if everyone is accounted for. Caesar says they are apart from the ones who were injured. Locke is shown the injured victims of the crash and Locke see’s Ben lying on a bed. He tells Caesar that this is the man who killed him.

I can’t get enough of Lost…who is the good guy, Ben or Widmore? I’m inclined to think Widmore at the moment after he said Ben tricked him into leaving the island, hopefully we’ll see some of that later, but I just love Ben. Surely he must have known about Elouise Hawking – why did he not know her entire history, who she was and why is he getting so stressed about her? Because she is Daniels mother and Daniel and Widmore have strong ties?

Why is Locke so special and why do both Charles and Ben want Locke to lead the island? So many questions! I don’t think Locke did a very good job at convincing the Oceanic Six to come back. Considering what was going on at the island…although we don’t know if Locke moving it again has stabilised the time jumps…we do know that Jin is now part of Dharma so when are we? More please!

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