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Episode 510 – “He’s Our You”
In Tikrit, Iraq, a young boy is told to kill a chicken or face living outside. Another boy kills the chicken for him and hands it to him much to his fathers delight. But the child confesses it wasn’t him, it was Sayid.

On the island and Sayid is visited once again by a young Ben who brings him a book and a sandwich. He asks if Sayid was sent by Richard and tells him that he wants to join the hostiles and will help Sayid escape. Later Horace and Radzinsky try to question Sayid but he’s not saying anything so Sawyer goes and speaks to him. Sawyer wants to be able to turn Sayid from hostile to Dharma but Sayid refuses.

Roger Linus comes to mop out the jail cell when his son arrives again to visit Sayid. Roger goes crazy and shouts and hurts Ben sending him home as Sayid watches. Horace and company turn up and take Sayid to a guy called Oldham who Sawyer says is “our you”. Oldham gives Sayid a truth serum and asks him questions about the island and stations. Sayid answers truthfully but the folks don’t believe him when he says he is from the future.

Select Dharma members then take a vote back at the barracks on what to do with Sayid and Amy says she doesn’t want someone like him around the children so the vote goes to kill the prisoner. Sawyer goes back to Sayid and tries to set him free but Sayid refuses again saying he knows why he is back on the island now and he wants to stay.

Sawyer heads home but stops off at Kate’s house and asks her why she came back to the island. She tells him she knows why she came but not why everyone else did. They are interrupted by a flaming Dharma van running through the barracks and crashing into one of the houses. Everyone is distracted which allows Ben to free Sayid and they run into the jungle.

In flashbacks we see Sayid killing for Ben and being told that’s it, there are no more men a danger to the people on the island. Then Ben goes to the Dominican Republic to find Sayid and tell him that Locke is dead, killed by Widmore’s men who are probably coming for Sayid next. He tells him there is a man watching Hurley and Sayid asks if Ben wants him to kill these people. Ben says that Sayid is a killer, which Sayid refutes.

We then see Sayid go to a bar after the confrontation at the docks in LA, there Ilana meets him and they share some MacCutcheons whiskey and Sayid takes her back to his hotel. There Ilana beats him up and arrest him, she is a bounty hunter escorting him to Guam for the death of the man on the golf course last year, Peter Avellino.

Back on the island and in the jungle, Sayid is spotted by Jin and tells him that Sawyer let him go, Jin has to call it in but Sayid knocks him down and takes his gun. Ben tells Sayid to hurry they’ll soon be looking for Jin. Sayid tells Ben he was right, Sayid is a killer. Sayid shoots Ben in the chest and runs into the jungle. Ben collapses to the floor.

WOW. Sayid SHOT Ben. Ben as a child no less! What does that mean for the future? Does the entire future change now based on what just happened or has whatever happened happened so Ben always was shot by a young Sayid? If this is the case then an adult Ben surely would know who shot him?

My latest theory is this is how Ben joins the hostiles, Richard will save Ben and Ben will become an immortal just like Richard, only, growing older. I can’t wait to see how they get out of this one. Kate and Juliet go face to face, Juliet didn’t want to tell Kate to clear off but its clear she is worried that Sawyer may now give up on his house game and go back after Kate. I hope now. Juliet is a better catch than Kate.

Bring on next week.

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