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Episode 511 – “Whatever Happened, Happened”

Jin comes around and sees little Ben lying shot in the road. He rushes them back to the barracks where Ben is taken into surgery, being performed by Juliet. The 815 folk spot what’s going on and are in a state of surprise. Roger Linus needs to removed the burnt out Dharma van from the house and introduces himself to Kate who helps out.

In flashbacks we see what happened to Kate and how she came to be back on the island. After her trial Kate went to see Cassidy and she told her everything. Cassidy felt the reason Sawyer jumped from the helicopter was because he didn’t want to face the responsibility of his daughter and says he is no hero. Kate explains he is and Cassidy can tell they’ve been together, she asks if Aaron is Sawyers and when Kate can’t answer, she realises that Aaron isn’t even Kates.

After learning that Jack wanted to take Kate back to the island she leaves the docks, Aaron is thirsty so they stop at a supermarket but when Jack calls and Kate is distracted, Aaron goes missing. Panic ensues but she finds him being led out by a blonde woman who claimed she was just going to take him to the announcement desk when she found him in the fruit section.

Kate returns to Cassidy and explains everything and decides she has to go back to the island. Kate visits Claire’s mother and tells her the truth about her grandson. Shocked, Mrs. Littleton agrees to take care of Aaron as Kate says a tearful goodbye to Aaron. Kate says she has to go back to the island to find Claire.

On the island and little Ben is dying, he is losing blood and Juliet can’t find the leak. Sawyer goes to Jack for help but he outright refuses. Hurley and Miles try to discuss time travel when Hurley thinks he’s going to disappear if little Ben dies. Miles explains that if Ben got shot in 1977 he always got shot in 1977. This is their present, Ben’s past. They won’t disappear because they are merely visitors in this timeline. Hurley asks then how come Ben didn’t recognise Sayid as the man who shot him when he was a kid and Miles is stumped. (I reckon he always knew!)

Juliet, Sawyer and Kate are angry at Jack (who is being an utter twat) for not helping a little boy, no matter who it turns out to be. Kate donates some blood as she is a universal donor and she gets to talk to Roger, finding out about Ben’s childhood and how Roger tries but a boy always needs his mother.

Juliet tells Kate she can’t save him but perhaps the Others can. Kate agrees to drive Ben out to the Others and ask for help. Sawyer catches up with her and agrees to help. At the barracks Juliet confronts Jack and asks why he came back to the island. He says he came to save them, Juliet tells him they don’t need saving and asks what he has to do. Jack says he doesn’t know yet.

Kate and Sawyer take Ben into the jungle and are held at gunpoint by the Others. They ask to be taken to Richard who later appears out of no-where. He agrees he will save Ben but if he does Ben will never be the same. He will lose his innocence and never remember the events before this. Sawyer and Kate agree and Richard takes Ben into the temple. One of the Others says that Ellie and Charles won’t be happy about this. Richard says he doesn’t answer to them.

On the Hydra island an older Ben wakes up and finds John Locke watching over him. Locke welcomes Ben back to the land of the living.

No mind-melters this week but good episode none the less. I don’t like Kate any more than I did at the start of the episode though and Jack is a total tool. They should just go off and leave the island forever.

Jack doesn’t know what his purpose is back on the island. It was to change history, to change time, to have saved Ben and it would have stopped him becoming the man he is in the future. You idiot Jack! Good humour between Miles and Hurley, trying to explain the time travel, something I discussed on another forum and it seems to have come true here.

Next week I believe is an eye opener, Ben centric showing how he survived and how he came to be I believe. I’m excited!

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