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Episode 515 – “Follow The Leader”
Starting off as Kate and Jack watch Daniel approach the Others camp and get shot by Eloise. Jack and Kate try to leave but Widmore and another Other on horseback knock them down and take them to the camp. They explain they were with Daniel and Eloise puts them in her tent. Widmore wants to know why Dharma are declaring war on them but Eloise says they’re not from Dharma.

In her tent Eloise asks what Jack and Kate are doing and Jack says she wouldn’t believe them if they told her. She tells them that when she was younger she escorted the man she just killed to a bomb and he told her he was from the future. If they tell her what’s going on she will believe them. Jack tells Eloise that by using the bomb they can undo everything that’s happened and stop her killing her son.

At the barracks Juliet and Sawyer are being interrogated, Radzinsky wants to know where Kate went and where to find the hostiles. Sawyer doesn’t say anything but Radzinsky doesn’t want to hear nothing. He clashes with Horace over who has authority here and Phil says he has a way of making Sawyer talk. Phil hits Juliet which enraged Sawyer. He also says there is another name on the list from the sub, they need to find Hugo Reyes.

Hurley is with Miles and Jin when Dr. Chang appears. He asks if they are really from the future and they deny it. Chang interrogates Hurley who can’t answer the questions about 1977 and admits that they are indeed from the future and Miles is Chang’s son. They says that if Daniel had told him to evacuate the island, then that’s what he needs to do.

As Richard and Charles ponder why Daniel looks so familiar to Charles, Eloise appears and orders Jack and Kate be untied, they’re going to the bomb. Charles and Eloise argue and Jack asks Richard who the man is, Richard says it’s Charles Widmore and implies that he and Eloise are in a complicated relationship.

Back at the barracks and Dr. Chang enters, he says they are evacuating the island of all non essential personnel. Sawyer says he’ll talk if they put him and Juliet on the sub.

Jack, Kate, Eloise, Richard and Erik arrive at the creek, Eloise says they need to swim under the water to a tunnel that will take them to the bomb. Kate doesn’t want to be part of this and says she is turning around and going back. Erik threatens to shoot Kate if she leaves, a shot is fired but it is Sayid shooting Erik. Kate leaves as Jack explains to Sayid about changing the future. Sayid says he already has by killing Ben, but Jack tells him that didn’t work.

Back at the barracks and a warning alarm is playing over the loudspeakers and a message that the sub will leave in thirty minutes. Miles, Hurley and Jin watch as people go to board the sub including Charlotte and her mother and at the dock Dr. Chang angrily forces his wife and baby Miles onto the sub and Miles realises that his father had to be angry to save his wife and sons life. They also see Sawyer and Juliet handcuffed being escorted to the sub.

Hurley says they must have a plan as Sawyer quips that he’ll buy Microsoft and bet on the 78 Cowboys. He apologises to Juliet and says they should have left three years ago, but Juliet was glad she stayed behind. They confess their love for one another as someone else boards the sub, it’s Kate.

Jack, Richard, Eloise and Sayid swim underground to the tunnels where the bomb is located. Sayid asks Jack if he knows what he’s doing, Jack vouches for Eloise as she is the one in thirty years who helps them get back to the island but Sayid isn’t convinced. They reach the bomb and look at each other as Eloise says ‘Now what?’

Thirty years later and at the Others beach camp, Richard is making a ship in a bottle when Locke arrives at their camp with a boar on his back and accompanied by Ben and Sun. Richard wonders where he has been and Locke says he has a new purpose and needs Richard to come with him immediately. Sun questions Ben on who Richard is and Ben says he’s an advisor and been around a very long time. Sun approaches Richard with a picture of the Dharma group from 1977 and asks if he knows them. Richard says he recognises them because he watched them all die.

Locke, Richard and Ben head into the jungle, Richard asks where Locke has been the past three years and Locke is surprised that he doesn’t know. They arrive at the beechcraft and Locke tells Richard that he must take a bullet out of a time-travelling Locke’s leg and tell him that he has to die. We then see Locke appear at the beechcraft and watch from another view as Richard tends to a time travelling Locke.

Present Locke deduces that Ben has never met Jacob as Richard returns. He says it seemed to go OK and is thankful that Locke didn’t actually have to die. Locke says that he did.

Back at the camp Locke announces that he is going to see Jacob and he invites everyone to come with him. Richard looks worried and admits to Ben that Locke may become a problem in the future. Ben says that why he tried to kill Locke. Sun questions Locke who assures her that he is going to bring their people back to the present.

The next morning they head off to find Jacob and Ben tells Locke that Richard is uneasy about this. Ben says that he is committed to Lockes cause to reunite his friends but Locke says he doesn’t care about that, they’re going to see Jacob so that Locke can kill him.

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