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Episode 408 – “Meet Kevin Johnson”
Sayid and Desmond confront Michael on the freighter and want to know what he’s doing there. He explains that he’s working for Ben and in a flashback we see how he came to be on the boat. Back in Manhattan, Michael is no longer living with Walt. He writes him a letter and then goes and smashes his car into a brick wall. At the hospital Michael thinks he sees Libby but she’s not there. He then goes to get a gun and shoot himself when Tom turns up. They fight and Tom says the island won’t let Michael die, he still has work to do and that he should come see him.

When Michael sees the wreckage of Flight 815 on the news he goes to see Tom who is indulging himself with a male partner. He explains that Charles Widmore put the dummy wreckage at the bottom of the ocean so people would stop looking for the real one and accidently stumble upon the island. He shows him a file with graves of all the bodies taken and a payment for a aeroplane. Tom tells Michael to go onto a boat and kill everyone. Once Michael finally gets the courage to blow the ship up the bomb he was given has a note that says “not yet” and he gets a call from Ben.

Ben tells Michael there are innocent people on board and unlike Charles Widmore he doesn’t kill innocent people. He tells Michael to sabotage the boat so it’ll never find the island and compile a list of names. We catch up and Sayid decides to turn Michael in to the Captain as a traitor and a survivor of Flight 815.

On the island Locke calls a meeting where they discuss everything with Ben. He reveals his spy is Michael and they plan their next step. Ben takes Alex aside and tells her she needs to be safe, the people coming to the island will use her to get to him so she needs to go to the Temple. Danielle takes Alex and Karl but on the way they are attacked. Karl and Danielle are shot dead but Alex pleads for mercy screaming she’s Ben’s daughter.

Episode 409 – “The Shape of Things To Come”
A body washes up on the beach and Daniel and Charlotte identify him as the ships doctor. They use the satellite phone to send Morse code to the boat to try and find out what happened. The boat replies and Daniel says the helicopter is coming tomorrow morning. Bernard says he’s lying and that the message really said “what are you talking about the doctor is fine”.

At the barracks Locke receives a telephone call whilst playing Risk (where Hurley says Australia is the key to the whole game) which just repeats 14-J. They asks Ben about it who suddenly arms up and says they’re coming. They block the door to the house and Sawyer rushes to save Claire. Gunshots are fired as Sawyer tries to get to Claires house but an RPG puts it up in flames. Sawyer finds Claire and brings her to where everyone else is holding up.

Miles appears at the front door with a radio, they want to talk to Ben, they have his daughter. The man identifies himself as Keamy and Ben says he knows all about him, what sort of person he is and that he will kill everyone once he has Ben. Keamy says he is going to kill Alex if Ben doesn’t turn himself over but Ben says she’s not his daughter and she means nothing to him. Keamy kills Alex. Ben rushes into his secret room behind a bookcase and locks the door behind him. When he returns he is covered in soot and dirt. He says in a moment they’ll all need to run for the treeline. The room shakes and the smoke monster appears, attacking the mercenaries.

Sawyer decides he is going to take Claire and the baby and go back to the beach, Miles goes with them but Locke won’t let Hurley go too. He needs him to find the cabin.

In flash-forwards Ben wakes up in the middle of the Sahara Desert, disorientated and wearing a Dharma coat with the name “Halliwax” on it. He attacks some natives and checks in at a hotel as a preferred guest. He sees Sayid on the news and we next see him in Iraq. Sayid spots him and questions what he’s doing there. Ben explains that he knows who killed Sayids wife and shows him a picture. When following the killer Ben gets caught but Sayid appears and gets revenge. He says this is now their war and wants another name.

Ben appears in London, England and makes his way to a Penthouse suite. He wakes Charles Widmore and tells him that he changed the rules when he killed his daughter and now he is going to kill Penny. Charles says he’ll never find her and Ben says he’ll never find the island. The game is on.

Episode 410 – “Something Nice Back Home”
At the beach Jack is in pain, Juliette decides its his appendix and they need to come out. She sends Sun, Jin, Charlotte and Daniel off to the medical station for supplies. Whilst they are there Jin and Sun speak Korean and Jin notices that Charlotte understands. When they get back to the beach Jin threatens Charlotte and gets her to agree to put Sun on the helicopter when it next arrives at the beach.

Juliette performs the operation and when she is stitching Jack back up she tells Kate that Jack kissed her, but that it wasn’t for her. He wanted to try and prove to himself that he didn’t love someone else.

In flash-forwards we see Jack after Kate’s trial. He is now living with her and taking care of Aaron. He gets a call to go see Hurley who tells him that he and Charlie now hang out. Charlie told Hurley to tell Jack that “you’re not supposed to raise him” and that someone would be visiting Jack soon. At the hospital Jack sees his father but is interrupted by another doctor before he can talk to him. Jack asks for a prescription. He has also asked Kate to marry him.

When he gets back Kate isn’t there, she stumbles in much later and Jack has to ask where she’s been. She says she was doing something for Sawyer but can’t tell Jack what. She says she needs to think about her son and Jack screams that she isn’t even related to him.

In the jungle and Miles, Sawyer and Claire and walking back to the beach. Frank comes running and tells them to hide, Keamy and his team and right behind him. At night Claire wakes up and finds Christian holding her baby, she says “Dad” and walks off into the jungle. The next morning Miles tells Sawyer what happened and Sawyer finds Aaron alone under a tree. Claire is no where to be seen!

Episode 411 – “Cabin Fever”
In flashbacks we see various events in John Lockes life, we start with his birth, his young mother, Emily is in an accident and she has a premature birth by three months. She names him John but by the time the nurses are ready to take him out of the incubator Emily runs off. At the window stands Richard Alpert. Years later and Richard comes to visit a young Locke again. He lays some items down on the table in front of him including a comic which has the caption “the hidden land” on it. John picks the wrong item and Richard leaves.

As a teenager John is bullied, his teacher says someone saw him at the science fair and now Mittleos Laboratories wants him to join them at summer camp. He refuses to go but the teacher says he’ll never be a prom king, he can’t be what he wants to which John replies with the classic, “don’t tell me what I can’t do”. At the hospital during his rehabilitation John is then visited by Matthew Abaddon who tells him to go on a walkabout. You go in one thing and come out another. He says the next time they meet, John owes him one.

On the freighter Keamy and his team are preparing to go back to the island, they have a lot of guns. Sayid and Desmond ask the captain for help, Sayid wants the raft so he can start ferrying people to and from the island. Desmond refuses to go, he doesn’t ever want to step foot on the island again. Sayid sails off. Keamy wants to leave now but Frank doesn’t so Keamy shoots the captain and slits the throat of the doctor. They fly off but as they go over the beach Frank drops out a bag containing the satellite phone which shows the helicopter and crews destination. Jack thinks they need to follow them.

On the island and Locke doesn’t know where he’s going. In a dream he is visited by Horace Goodspeed who tells him to find him and he’ll find the cabin. Ben says he used to have dreams. Locke goes to the pit where all the Dharma people are and hunts for Horace. Inside his pocket he finds a map. They go to the cabin and Locke enters. Inside is Christian, he says he can speak on behalf of Jacob. Claire is in there too, Locke is confused. Christian says that Keamy and his men are already on their way back now John needs to ask the one question he needs to. He asks how to save the island. He leaves and tells Ben and Hurley that they need to move the island.

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